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Our 14th Year  




Wendy Penta making tile

Our first meeting of 2013 was at Wendy Penta's studio Stone Hollow Tile. Wendy treated us to a mesmerizing demo on how she makes her tiles using plaster molds. She told us of her many trials and errors to achieve the look that she want from her designs and tiles. Wendy work has won many awards for her fabulous tiles. 

We took photos of her making tiles and posted them on Facebook for you to view. Click here to see them.


A little history the Handmade Tile Association had its first meeting ever at Wendy's studio back in 1999. We discussed what our name would be, originally we were called the Handmade Tile Collective. Not long after that meeting we changed over to the Handmade Tile Association. We have only a few copies of the original directory with the Handmade Tile Collective still in our archives so if you have one you have a piece of handmade tile lore!  If you are interested in getting older copies of the directory you can order the whole set (a few years are sold out) for $25. 


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Minnesota Tile Festival 2013
Minneapolis & St. Paul Home Tour
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Spotlight on Artist Schedule
Regions Hospital tile commissions
Art consultant Vicki Hovde commissioned Sheryl Tuorila's mosaic work, SoMi Tileworks' tree work & Josh Blanc's tryptic collection to add beauty and interest to the halls of this Regions Hosptial for patients with violent or troubled pasts in St. Paul Minnesota. 
Sheryl Tuorila

SoMi Tileworks
Clay Squared to Infinity


 Minnesota Tile Festival 2013
The Minnesota Tile Festival committee has meet and started crafting out the vision of the 2013 tile festival. One of the major goals of the tile festival this year is to focus more on our local supporters and appeal more to specific audiences. One of the concepts is getting local colleges that offer kitchen and bathroom design to get the schools to offer credits for students to attend the tile festival either as part of a project or as volunteers. These students are the key to tile makers long term success being specked for projects they work on. We have noticed established designers and architects already have their vendors and switching to handmade tile is a hard sell. New business are building their vendors and are looking more often for new products to define their portfolios. Tile is a big component of kitchen and bathroom design so we need to be engaged with these students.
North Prairie Tile Works
Second is focusing on making the connection between our artists and tile history to have conversations with clients. One of the funniest comments/questions we sometimes hear is "handmade tile is a new concept...right?" Our answer from the organizations stand point is handmade tile has been around since the earliest parts of civilization think of Roman mosaics, Delft tiles, Mexican tiles, Medieval floor tiles. Once they hear that they usually go "oh yeah I never thought of that." Then they feel they have a connection to our artists and want to explore more. To make this connection we are using our advertising campaign this year to point those concepts out by creating tools to help artists start conversations and make verbal and visual opportunities to build relationships. As you review the ad in the directory you will note the historical tiles and dates. We are planning on making a series of postcards using participating artists and pairing them with historical tile showing with the goal of making the connection and talking points for artists to start conversations with people. We want a potential person who might consider going to the tile festival to feel like they know an artist at the show and this is there chance to really support their work. A festival is an experience and people like to remember their experience with collectibles. 

Wrong date in the ad in the directory.
The ad on the back cover has the date incorrect stating the tile festival is on the 17th a Tuesday. The correct date is Saturday the 21st. The date is correct in two other areas in the directory and is correct on the website. Sorry about the issue. 
Opinions and suggestions. If you have thoughts please send comments to
 We look forward from hearing from you. 
Minneapolis & St. Paul Home Tour 
The Minneapolis & Saint Paul Home Tour, for many years, has offered a delightful forum for promoting handmade tile. Visitors on the self guided tour (this year Saturday-Sunday April 27-28) see tile and a myriad of other remodeling ideas and décor products "in their natural habitat" with homeowners and professionals on hand to answer questions. HTA has typically supplied copies of the annual handmade
tile directory through those homes that used handmade tile.

North Prarie tile and Christine Nelson Design 2012
This year, HTA and the Tour are partnering to encourage more tile professionals and homeowners with tile to consider offering homes for the tour. HTA homes will be specially identified in the printed Guide, and there will be an ad in the Guide highlighting HTA homes. Tour coordinator Margo Ashmore has identified a couple already, but more nominations are needed, especially in Saint Paul.

For more information, see the ad in the tile directory and contact Margo Ashmore at 612-867-4874 or visit the website at and use the "submit a home" button. The deadline has passed but "homes will be considered if they address tour goals, and having more handmade tile homes is certainly one of the goals," Ashmore said. "But do it soon!" She visits every home and explains what's involved in being on the tour, before any commitment is made.


Handmade Tile
 Association Meeting




When: Wednesday February 13th. 6"30 pm 
Where: Clay Squared to Infinity

Minneapolis, MN 55413

34 13th Ave NE



Special Presentation Marketing by Trebuchet 

Do you wonder what the difference is between digital and offset printing? Or why something looks great on the web, but not so great in print? And Tweeting, Posting, Pinning and Linking... does it really matter? Join us for The Value of Marketing & Communication, an informative session with Trebuchet Communications, as we sort through the value of all things marketing, It is Wednesday, February 13, at 6 p.m. at Clay Squared. Bring your questions!

Free for members $5 for non members


  • Marketing presentation by Trebuchet Communications
  • Update on the MN Tile Festival - new ideas and concepts! 
  • Mpls/St.Paul Home tour info.
  • Show and share your newest projects or art. 


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If you are not in the Minnesota region, consider creating a meeting of tile and mosaic artists in your area.  The HTA can promote your meeting through this newsletter and on the website, Facebook, and Linked in. It is a great way to learn and promote tile ideas. 

Josh Blanc
Handmade Tile Association, LLC
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Thanks to our Volunteers!
I want to thank Katie Thompson, Kathleen Grubbs, Stephanie Kaczrowski, LeAnn Johnson Bethany Whitehead, and Deb LeAir, for all thier work this past month on data entry and getting directories out. Deb LeAir has come in for the past three years packing up boxes to be shipped out to all of our members and advertisers. Stephanie Kaczrowski delivers boxes of directories to local businesses for the past 4 years. Katie Thompson has been organizing our membership files and sending out renewal requests to members who's membership has lapsed. LeAnn Johnson is working on updating our ad form for 2014. Bethany Whitehead is working on membership renewals packets. A great push of help for the organization to get us organized and looking professional. Thanks so much and we have plenty more go to so if you are still interested in helping with projects we are interested in you!  We are willing to pay $12 an hour for service, or trade for advertising. 

Get your 5 hours in and save money on your advertising!

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Spotlight on Artist Schedule
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gather any new images, information or news you would like to be highlighted. Send them to the HTA by the first of your month.

Syzygy Tileworks
Hohn and Hohn
Fay Jones Day
Creative Photos Etc
Corazzo Tile
Alma Artisan
Sheryl Tuorila
Ceramic Chinn
La Alameda Press
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