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Our 14th Year  



Happy New Year! The Handmade Tile Association 14th annual directory is at the printer currently and will be mailed directly to each of our members and our entire mailing list. Thanks to all of the artists, advertisers, members, and organizations. Without the community help, this directory would not be possible. The directory is another great collaboration of tile artists and the tile community, to collectively showcase and inspire everyone who picks up a copy of the directory to want handmade tiles in their lives. 


Every advertising artist and advertiser will be sent a case of directories free of charge in late January. If you are interested in more, please tell us and we will mark you down for as many as you believe you can hand out. If you are local to the Twin Cities and can pick up your stash, please visit the Handmade Tile Association office. Click here for directions. 

We are looking for a volunteer to help mail the directories to all of the members. Please contact Josh if you would like to help.

In This Issue
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Goals for 2013
Minnesota Tile Festival 2013
What we really want for Christmas, DATA ENTRY!!!!!!!.
Board Motion Passed on Tile Festival
Our Marketing Team
Events, Show, New Products, Art, Classes,
Welcome New and Renewing Membership
Thank You Volunteers!
Spotlight on Artist Schedule
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USA Map The Handmade Tile Association website has been updated with all of the new advertisers and artists. Please check your link and make sure it works. If it does not please contact us and we will fix it promptly. If you want to change out your image send us an updated graphic you want us to use and we can switch it out.
Goals for 2013
Moravian  Pottery and Tile It is always helpful to set a series of goals for both the organization and the members to have a path to follow. Here are the top 6 goals for 2013.


1. Refine the Minnesota Tile Festival to a more specific audience.

2. Work on display cases for the directories.

3. A new website that is more interactive with visitors.

4. Double our social media presence.

5. Engage members to be involved in the planning of events and programs.
6. Get testimonials from members on the effectiveness of the HTA 


 Minnesota Tile Festival 2013

Moravian  Pottery and Tile 
Designer: Nicole Larson
showcasing Dean Tile
Tile Festival Coordinator Needed 
At the next meeting the tile festival will be a top discussion. We have not had anyone come forward wanting to take over the coordinating of the show as of yet. It might be more realistic for a committee of 3 to 4 people to help with the coordination. 

The Handmade Tile Association has hired Trebuchet Communications to help us run and promote the show. This will help the committee work as a team and help shape how your ideas on improving the show really develop.
Opinions and suggestions. If you have thoughts right away, please send comments to
 We look forward from hearing from you. 
What we really want for the New Year... DATA ENTRY!!!!!!!
Common Ground Art Tile
I want to thank Katie Thompson and Tracie Christenson for thier help in our Data Entry needs!!! We still have a few more projects that we would love to have help with. 
For the past year, the HTA has not had anyone to enter all of the new people who have requested directories into the system. We are willing to pay $12 an hour for service, or trade for advertising. 
Ultimately we need a once-a-month person to file, organize and keep the office up to date. Anyone??? Cookies and hot chocolate always available.
Board Motion Passed on Tile Festival

Marty Pearson
Marty Pearson

One of the questions discussed was whether the festival should be opened to a broader group of participants including fashion designers, potters, interior designers, tile setters, historic tile vendors and others.


A motion was made to expand the festival offerings beyond tile to include fashion booths and pottery, jewelry, sinks and related tile merchandise. The motion was passed unanimously.


To read all of the minutes of the board meeting click here.

Our Marketing Team
The Handmade Tile Association is a marketing organization. However, it is also important to have marketing for the organization itself. Here is a list of projects we have hired the marketing group Trebuchet to do for the organization and the members...
  • Facebook posts, January through December 2013, four per week
  • Monthly meeting attendance by one of the Trebuchet staff, January through October
  • Monthly newsletter column "Trebuchet's tricks of the trade" (or similar) January through December
  • Small business workshop 
  • Specialty marketing instructions packet and pricing for HTA members
  • MN Tile Festival-specific activities 
  • MN Tile Festival event on-site coordination 
  • MN Tile Festival banners and posters
  • Solicitation of schools for MN Tile Festival attendance through sent info and on-site visits
  • Fashion show with media/photographer and sound coordination


Elfstone Studio
The Handmade Tile Association is looking for advertisers, members and followers to write a short testimonial for the organization.  It is important that they hear voices in the community why 
they think the directory, the Spotlight on Artists, the newsletter, the website, meetings, what ever you belive is valuable, relevant and important that we can utilize to help us grow. It does not have to be very long probably a few sentences to a paragraph is what we looking for but I will leave it to what ever you would would like to say. 


Handmade Tile Association Meeting


Where: Stone Hollow Tile

 8532 Edison Street NE

 Blaine MN, 55449


When: Wednesday January 23rd. 6 pm, tour of studio. 6:30 pm, Meeting


Demo of hand-pressing tile from molds 


  • New 2013 Directories will be available! Get your free stash to hand out. 
  • Discuss the 2013 MN Tile Festival and the call for a coordinator
  • Setting members' goals for 2013
  • Show and share new work, projects and ideas. 


Like us on Facebook 
If you are not in the Minnesota region, consider creating a meeting of tile and mosaic artists in your area.  The HTA can promote your meeting through this newsletter and on the website, Facebook, and Linked in. It is a great way to learn and promote tile ideas. 

Josh Blanc
Handmade Tile Association, LLC
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Events, Show, New Products, Art, Classes, etc!
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Four times a week the HTA does a Facebook post on the Handmade Tile Association page. We are looking for members and advertisers who have events or anything they want to publicize. Click here to send your info!

We are looking for more events to post. Please send us your classes, workshops, and gallery shows.

Welcome New and Renewing Membership 

Business Members 

Syzygy Tileworks

Super Membership
Silver City Clay Festival
 Continental Clay

We need Volunteers!
We are looking for volunteers for data entry from the MN Tile Festival. We need to keep our address up-to-date and we had some returns from our mailing that need to be corrected or eliminated. 
Get your 5 hours in and save money on your advertising!

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Spotlight on Artist Schedule
USA MapSpotlight on artists for 2012... 
If you are next,
gather any new images, information or news you would like to be highlighted. Send them to the HTA by the first of your month.
Martha Coursey Mosaic Tile Works
Nutmeg Designs
Barbara Schmidt
Syzygy Tileworks
Hohn and Hohn
Fay Jones Day
Creative Photos Etc
Corazzo Tile
Alma Artisan
Sheryl Tuorila
Ceramic Chinn
La Alameda Press
Kathleen Mellin Grubbs LLC
SOMI Tileworks
Sight Line Tile
Lea-Way Designs, LLC
Pasadena Craftsman Tile
Earth Wood and Fire
Deb LeAir
Stone Hollow Tile
Untapped Resource Inc.
Suzanne Crane Fine Stoneware
North Prarie Tile
weaver tile
Mercury Mosaics
Dean Tile
Elfstone Studio
Stephanie Kaczrowski
Tile Restoration Center
Timeless Tiles
Status Ceramics
Copper Swan Studio
Pewabic Pottery
Clay Earth Studios
David Aichinger Tile Co.
Our Creative
House on the Hill

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