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June/July,  2014

Unlocking Worship in Switzerland...and beyond!

 The Pure Worship Conference 


Do you believe God still use individuals to shift nations and geographical regions? Could God want to use YOU to shift worship over Europe?


For four years worshippers have been gathering each September at an unlikely place in Switzerland. Seven years ago I believe God drew me to this place and showed me a very significant altar of worship. Each year more people have gathered as the Lord instructed them to worship in the town of St. Maurice.


From September 2014 through to September 2015, the town is celebrating the 1500th anniversary of the establishment of the Abbey of St. Maurice. This abbey is the site of the longest continuous worship outside the Holy Land. It was strategic to the spread of Christendom and worship throughout Europe.


Last year 72 people from 12 nations gathered to reconsecrate this town as a place of worship. I believe  the Lord is calling us to participate with pure worship at the beginning and the end of this year of celebration as well. 


I also believe the Lord has said that as a result of our participation a new wave of worship will spread across Switzerland, across Europe and from Europe to the rest of the world. He is inviting us to partner with him in ensuring the worship that erupts from this small village in Switzerland will be pure worship of Him, releasing a greater level of freedom and movement in Christian worship across the world.


Please join us for this unique global event to be held in St. Maurice,  Switzerland from Friday, September 19th to Sunday, the 21st of September.

You may also wish to or extend your stay to Monday, the 22nd, to participate in more community celebrations.

Could it be that God wants to use YOU to take freedom in worship to another level across the globe by joining us at this prophetic event?


This conference is open to all believers who want to worship in Spirit and in Truth. It will be facilitated by leaders in the area of worship, movement and banners.

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July Newsletter Special

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The chronological tour of Jordan and Israel for 2014 is now fully booked.  Labelled "David's Irreligious Tour of Israel," it will avoid the religious structures and get down to the real stories of The Land.
We will be tracing the people and events in the Holy Land from Abraham through Moses, David and Jesus to the modern 
State of Israel and exploring the future.
A community of 45 sojourners will travel together crisscrossing this tiny but critical piece of land to see, hear and feel what the Lord has just for them!
Expressions of interest are now open for a similar tour in 2015. Let us know if you are interested!
Click here for more information! 
How is this crayfish from the Australian Northern Territory helping indigenous people get to Israel?

Help an Indigenous Australian  
travel to Israel
The tour is closed, but there's still a way you can be part of it. We have ten indigenous Aussies coming with us on the tour. 

Six of these are coming from the remote Elcho Island in Arnhem Land.  It will cost them hundreds of dollars more just to get across to the mainland and join  the tour.

Danganbarr from 
Elcho Island.
I have been talking with Danganbarr and she tells me about how this group is raising funds for the trip.  

A few weeks ago a man saw a large school of fish in an inlet where people rarely go. He decided to keep it a secret for a while.

When he heard about the trip to Israel he gathered those who are going together and shared the secret.  

That afternoon they set off with lines, nets and bags to catch some fish and crayfish to sell to raise funds for the Israel trip.  They are excited, they are having fun, and they are working with the Creator to raise the funds for this trip.

If you would like to support them to make the trip to Israel easier I would be delighted to pass your donation to them.

Just go here  to make a donation by credit card or bank deposit and label it "Elcho Island to Israel" and I will make sure they get it!

David's 2014 Itinerary

July 15-29

Switzerland Tour  

August 2, Sept. 6, Nov. 2, Dec. 7 

Worship Your Heart Out

Toowoomba, AUS


September 19-22

St. Maurice Worship Celebration

St. Maurice, Switzerland


September 24 - October 13

David's Irreligious Tour of Israel


November 14-16

Aglow NZ National Conference

Auckland, NZ



Contact us today to reserve your dates.  David is available to speak, support worship, facilitate meetings and lead workshops.

Available dates:

August 3 - September 2
October 27 - November 9


From David's Desk...

From the archives!




Here I am living proof that there is life after fifty!


Whooohoo! Life just gets more and more interesting! 


I turned 50 last month and things have been moving very, very fast since then. 


In this issue of Raising the Standard I and the team here at Out of Our Minds Banners would like to invite you to a very special "Pure Worship" conference in Switzerland this September. One thousand five hundred years in the making and five years of planning have brought us to this point.


If you believe people like you can shift nations, we would love you to join us! More details in the story on the left.


I received a surprise phone call last month too,  and "Gathering the Levites Unity Movement" has made a lovely gesture of honour to leaders in the Worship Arts Community.  It was a fun call!


There is also an update on the tour of Israel and how you can still be part by sponsoring an Indigenous Australian participant if you would like to - with a bit of a fishy story attached to it!


And finally.. I have had many experiences with healing and deliverance for humans using banners, but the Lord has never asked me to use a banner to pray for an animal.  Isabella Manning believes the Lord led her to pray for her pets using banners- with extraordinary results.


We are committed to sharing how the lord is using normal, ordinary people to do special things all over the world.  Please let us know the ways you are using banners.  We will share your stories to encourage others to be freer and more obedient in setting people (and now animals) free!


As usual we have a special this month for anyone purchasing banners- you can add the three-DVD set for half price!


In Him,  


David S


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The OOOMB Team

Surprise Honor!

It was a great surprise and joy for me to receive a call from my friend and colleague Joe Brown in the USA the other night. In a very serious and formal tone he read out a script to inform me that I was about to be honored by the Gathering of the Levites UNITY Movement at a conference in the Bahamas next month.


It was very solemn, but fun and really nice to have him call and read it to me - a summary is below:


On behalf of Paulette Rolle-Alesnik, and the Gathering of the Levites Board of Directors we are delighted to honor you for your effective and active leadership within the Worshiping Arts Community over the last 20 years.  We recognize the generational fruit that supports the anointing and revelation of the power of the flag and banner ministry. 


We desire to honor you as a national leader in flag and banner ministry and in worship as a teacher, trainer, and mentor.  Your multi-generational vision for keeping the truth and power of the flag, banner and streamer ministry alive and vibrant will flow over in the years to come.


We congratulate you for your enduring passion and leadership over the decades within the Worshiping Arts Community.  We would like to celebrate you with a night of Double Honor on the beautiful island of the Bahamas on July 12, 2014. 



Unfortunately I will be in Vanuatu, another island but on the other side of the world on that night!  However, we're working on connecting via video!


Just to give you some background, Gathering of the Levites Unity Movement is a community of worshipers wanting to connect, re-connect, work together and support each other.  It is a group of current leaders - apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists working in the worship and performing arts. These leaders have covenanted to support each other and work together for the purpose of increasing God's Kingdom and exploring the arts around the world in a way that brings glory to Jesus Christ.  


The mission of Gathering of the Levites Unity Movement is to push back the forces of darkness in the performing arts and fight together as one to provoke the presence of God.  Their purpose is to bring heaven to earth through the performing arts; to declare His sovereignty and glory in the earth using all form of arts and to build the kingdom by seeing millions of souls saved.


You can find out more about them here.



A  different testimony...


As I have ministered across cultures around the world I have noticed that people who are possessed or oppressed by a demonic spirit can have very strong reactions to banners. Their first reaction is to try to take the body that they are affecting as far away from the banner as possible. If the person overrides this urge to flee, we have found that they are often ministered to and set free by the presence of the Lord that the banner represents.   


This is not the first time I have heard about animals responding to prayer and the presence of God.  However, it is the first time someone has written to us about how they used banners to pray for their animals - and saw some dramatic results.  

 While this is not our standard recommendation for using banners, we always encourage people to follow the lead of the Spirit, and so we wanted to share this remarkable story of healing and apparent deliverance- of pets!! - David S


Even animals are set free

A banner testimony from Isabella Manning

Bolwarra Heights, Australia  



A Dalmation 

I have a pet dog, a Dalmatian, who was 95% deaf. I decided to drape the "Breakthrough" banner over her as she just stood looking up at me with her warm brown eyes. Since then her hearing has greatly improved!


I then moved to the sleeping eight-year-old arthritic, obese, cancer-tumoured Beagle named Boston. As soon as the "Breakthrough" banner landed on him the normally passive family pet was wide awake and began yelping and bellowing out screaming sounds that I have never heard from any dog before or since.  


I kept praying in tongues, and being fully aware that something was happening with Boston that was not him, I went into declaring the Lordship of Jesus Christ over my pets.  


The dog could not bear the banner on his body. Still howling, he squeezed behind the wall and the lounge chair where I could not reach him with the banner.


My daughter in the other room could hear the dog's tormented yowling and later told me she knew exactly what was happening.


Praise the Lord, since that day Boston's the vet has declared that he is in 

An old Beagle - like Boston.

remission. He has lost a great amount of weight and rounds up a family member to take him for long walks and exploring runs. He has positively received a "breakthrough" and is enjoying life once again.


I believe God allowed me to see and know that banners are powerful in the Spirit and  can even set animals free.

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