Hey I'm back, been down for a while. My computer had problems. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemies, so the company gave me new computer. I felt good about it until I got my pc back, like the old one I had everything backed up on it.

I figured I could do this myself since everything was backed up on two different drives. "Like a piece a cake," then I discovered that my office program wasn't compatible with my new windows 7. But my old windows 7 was. So, I had to go and buy a new office program for $300. Now I'm pissed, up the Yin Yang. Then I found out you don't get the disc anymore. All you get is a box with a card in it, for you to go on line and download it to your Pc. No more loading it up and passing it on to your buddy's the two presenter's closing up all the loopholes.

Now I'm ready to go to my external drive and it's not showing up. I see the light on the drive on. So I call Dell, they say it's not their problem it's a Seagate problem. So I get Seagate on the phone, they go through there trying this thing, do that, the last words were your drive is not working. We can send you out a new one.

Wait! Hold on here! What about my contents, all my documents? Oh ya! We can retrieve your contents for fee, $500 for something, $1500 for full recovery, now I'm raising Hell, but in a nice way. I bought this drive with the intentions that my contents would be safe there, and that I would be able retrieve them back anytime I wanted to. "Thank God I had two drives." I didn't know I was saving on both drives at the same time. Hold on that's not all. Sometimes I can get up and other says can't find the path, or what program you want to bring up. When I do select the one, nothing is there, enough of this…

The moral to this story is, if you're not a geek hire one and back your stuff up in three different places. I remember when I could go out and do a little something on my car. Have you looked under the hood lately? The only thing I can do is wipe it down on Sundays.

The Band and I are coming over to the UK for two engagements. One on May 31st at a place called "Under the Bridge". The second one is Stamford Bridge, in Chelsea on Fulham Road, London Sw6 1hs


We also doing "Happy Days Festival" June 1st Surrey at Imber Court Sport Club Ember Lane East Molesey Surry Kt8 OBT


We have a brand new show for you. We call it "Give the People what they want show." It's more funk in your face than before and little more glide in your slide. If you bring a new friend, let me know and I will give you one of our CDs. You've got to get it from me so let me know. I'll see you at the show.

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