It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

I celebrated my 80th birthday on August 5th. I had a great time on Royal Caribbean’s, Oasis of Seas! Just me, my lady, (Sweet Terri), my first born (Lydia) and my son-in-law, (Mark) were with us…

Right now I want to thank all my FaceBook friends who sent me greetings! You’re so kind! And to all my musical buddies; it’s been great and we are all still here playing and doing our thing.

People always ask me “how did I do it?” and my answer... “It wasn’t easy”. I often tell them to just live by God’s law, Man’s law and live your life. For you only have one life to live. Life isn’t expected to be easy. You will have your up’s and down’s and life can be complicated. I’m still trying to figure it out. But what I do can’t be afraid to step out or to get off a sinking ship. Chart a new course to follow.

  • Life doesn’t get easier as you get older and as matter of fact it gets harder. The truth starts setting in on how hard things are to get accomplice, but when you’re young you see things through a different window.

  • Aging is truth serum and it put life in a perspective. What’s most important is good health.

  • You got to take your health in your own hand! Hell! You damn near have to be your own doctor. Doctor’s don’t have the time. It seems that all they wanta do is keep the line moving...get you in and out!

  • A great relationship; without friends &’re nothing. One thing you don’t want to do is, grow old alone. Keep a mixture of young and old friends around you.

  • Pay attention to small things because they can grow into larger things. Just don’t let little things slide by. You’re gonna make mistakes...don’t be afraid to say you were wrong.

  • Be wide open to take life journey. It’s a one way trip and happiness is the ultimate experience. Thanks to each of you for being a part of my “great trip” called life! I’m gonna ride it all the way to the end! I hope to see you soon at one of my next events!

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