This is my kind of weather...”Summertime,” “Girl watching time”...the butts are hanging Baby!! I haven’t loss my eye for those big leg girls and when you lose that you might as well hang it up.

I hope you go out this summer and hear some good music, whatever your taste may be. The experiences of being at a live performance are one of a life time and you’ll never forget them. I still recall my first live dance! We didn’t have concerts in my days they were called “dances”. The band was Buddy Johnson’s Big Band and the music was dance music. Don’t ask me what kind of music is dance music. To me all music is dance music! Blacks have been dancing to all kinds of music since the beginning of time. I don’t know exactly when they started breaking music down in categories. To me it’s just music. Music is music and it’s all dance music. Those experiences of losing yourself and letting the music take you there. “There” is anywhere you want to be! Music has that power and once you’ve had that’ll never forget it! Wow, the magic of music.

Fatback Band will be coming to UK London on two dates:

November 17th 2012 at The Coronet - 28 New Kent Road, London SE1, 6tj - Show Time: 9:00 pm – Occasion: Celebrity Street Sound Records 30th Anniversary

This will be our first time back in the UK since 2009 and we’re looking forward hanging out with old friends and making new ones.

November 18th 2012 we will be headed to Newcastle:

Hoochie Coochie - 54 Pilgrim St up on Tyne NE 1 6sf. This is my friend Warren Thomson’s Hoochie Coochie Luxury Bar, very intimate and funky. I love playing in small rooms. If you can, catch us...Ph: 0191 222 0130 or Email:

We’re still putting together our Europe tour. Dates are still open. Now is the best time to book...around these dates. You can contact me via email at or call me 910 476 6007. Let’s see if we can make it happen.

I will be telling you more about these dates as time draws near, especially the Street Sounds gig!!! That’s the exciting one! They are meshing different genres all together in one big live show...Electro/Hip Hop, Funk and Jazz Funk with Dj’s and somewhere in there, they throw in a little “Fatback”!

Places on the internet you can find Fatback Band music

For the albums back in the days:
Ace Records

For all the new music “Bill Curtis and Friends w/The Fatback Band”:
Reverb Nation



Bill This is Rob From McCordsville....Know this may cause some controversary....but keep in mind...ITS THE FRICKIN PUBLIC that has contributed to this mess too! There isnt the 'interest; as such like in the last century...i.e 70's/80's! People have shifted their interests THAT DOESNT include music!

One thing bouts internet radio...just cuz something new is played, doesnt ALWAYS mean that that particular song/let alone disc will be purchased by the listener! Many 'get into' the internet thing-y to only 'satisfy' their fucking egos....not so much to play anything new by a particular artist! Just for the frickin heck of it.....Ive gone thru some of these so-called music sites......and I DONT hear anything diffo than say on reg fm radio nor the pay Satellite XMFM channels!

Folks have forgotten how to get their rear ends and tushes out the door and into a nearby music shop and EXPLORE all the shit that is out there!!!!! Something 5 years, if not heard until still 'fresh' to that soul who has intent/motivation to dig a little deeper than the same old same old habitual person who justs uses the radio (internet/otherwise) as 'background' or a cheap babysitter! Believe this is VERY TRUE.

I did a 4 day record show in Louisville this past weekend...and there was a % of folks who didnt that certain releases were ACTUALLY put out on Vinyl! Let alone released say on cd!!!!

Of course there were the 'timewasters' whose interest in music is almost nil and just thumbed thru the stuff I brought just TO KILL TIME and get out of the heat and into an air conditioned environment!

I CAN TELL the 'serious music lover'...they get real excited and see something they like/want! (This younger kid saw a Motorhead Lp and A Lamb Of God LP in my 'store.' He wanted both of them! Both were new and sealed! Or this other somewhat older guy who purchased A sealed 4 album Elmore James Box Set i Had along with a pre-loved BB KING import album and a sealed NEAL Young (his first album from 1969 that has the 'Loner' on it!) or this 18 year old girl who liked electronics, inherited an old Magnavox system with turntable and was going to fix it up herself. She bought from my 'store' an import David Bowie and an import Tommy double album by the Who! She was totally enthusiastic about her purchases! Later in the day, a young brother bought 4 albums from me, Hall and Oates, Luther V , Motown Collection and a Best of Chic.

The point here is that all four of these customers KNEW the artist(s) they were buying! I totally agree if someone has something 'newly released' with almost next to zip airplay....guess what??!!!

just like this show and the last shows Ive done have I had anyone ask for something that was 'on the obscure' or 'obscurer side' that I PERSONALLY whether I liked it or not, knew about IT! 99 percent plus of the time its going to be something bought' on 'name recogntion.'

Okay going back to radio...even internet....there IS LOTSA glitches 'imbued within.' Let Me Explain!

It IS impossible for someone to have their derriere, lot alone ears GLUED to the radio ('net or other) in a 24 hour span! Think of this Brother Bill....60 minutes in an hour...lets say a toon is 4 minutes a tracks can be played in that time span? (15 right? times that by 24 hours...okay 360 songs...fine....BUT....Also some 'net stations ARENT on a 24 hour day span (various/logical reasons) So that can be a 'detrimental' factor on getting 'something out new' to the listener!!!!

Lets take someone who NEVER heard of the FATBACK BAND!!!!!! BTW- I know PLENTY of folks who know NOTHING of your group Bill, let alone the 'usual suspects' such as 'I Like Girls' etc..... okay so ROB X ,meaning me has a 24 hour station that just RIPS INTO the 'different side of things!!!. Let's, for example, say I play EVERY SINGLE song that are on each of FATBACK's 35 albums!!!!!! Will that person hear them all...better yet remember them? (Okay so the person is 'chained' to the radio/took no-doze/doesnt eat a thing/sleep/take a poop or a lets go from there!

Most probable, in reality...the person will listen for a 3 to 4 hour span and will miss a good portion of the front to back Fatback catalogue that keeps being 'played away' to almost no applause!

Most people, I believe, will also turn to the 'old standby' fm radio station(s) Remember too, FM now comes in the High Definition that is the lure right there. And that these stations are 'tight listed' and play just about if NOT the same old familar! Unless, one is WAY DOWN on the dial, the low-joe freq college or public radio stations.....the exp can be 'limited' here to 'genre specific' hour(s).

I still say 'get your behind out to the shop and dig read credits/liner notes etc on the cd inserts'record jackets etc. Oh yeah...some places have cd/turntables set up where one can here what they may wish to purchase and decided from that point....that is if the cd/lp is 'open' and not sealed! One of the few ways in which 'something new' can be explored!

So much to say on this...but will say the publics' listening habits/SKIMPY-POULTRY tastes need to be more rounded out AND expanded! Not just the 3,4,5 artists that make up their musical menu(s) for the day week month etc!

Take care will speak to ya soon

Rob K McCordsville Ind


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