Hey guys, a little change of pace here. I don’t know how many of you are hip to a product called “Body by Vi.” It is a nutrition or weight loss program that is healthy and it really works.

Well I discovered it about 6 weeks ago when my soul mate of 17 years was diagnosed with high blood pressure and blood sugar was escalated. She was border line for both. Someone introduced her to “Body by vi” shake product, and she took the challenge. Within one week she loss 5lbs and since she been on she have lost a total of 22 lbs in six weeks. Her blood pressure and blood sugar numbers are coming down she’s got her energy back.

Quite naturally when I saw that, I jumped right on it. I also see a big change in my life style. I have more get up and go! I feel great! I’m sleeping better at night! I know you guys feel like you don’t need anything other than what you are doing. I know you may possibly feel just fine, but you as you grow older, your body gets weaker. You need something to help rebuild your cells to slow down aging.

You may not know this but I’m a nutritional “freak” and I don’t put any chemicals in body whatsoever! And if I can help it, not even aspirins. You have got to take control of your health and you can’t rely on the doctors. They are like car mechanics…hitting and missing! The trick is and as we know, “Medicine cannot cure all illnesses but can only offer symptomatic treatments.”

The secret is to try and stay fit and stay away from them. If you feel like you want do something for yourself to improve your all round health…Visit my site and take the 90 day challenge. Also, please sign my guest book. If you want additional information, call me! 910 476 6007 or call this 4 minute pre-recorded Information Line: (507) 726-3700

The more that I learn, the more that I am realizing that the Challenge is not as much about what we have to lose, but more about what we have to gain in the process.



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