Fatback Band Letter

“The Music of Robert Damper”

October 20, 2011

Hey Guys, this summer was the busiest one for me in a long time. No, I wasn’t out on the road (I wish). I was in the studio putting together some new funky stuff, yes, funk. I think the time is right to put the funk in their faces again. I know I promised to do some radio drops for a few of you guys out there. I haven’t forgotten. In case you haven’t noticed, all of our new music is under the name “Bill Curtis and Friends/w The Fatback Band.” Explanation, don’t want to compete with the Fatback Band, we did it, they are Legend. The music world is changing so fast, we felt we needed to move on musically, explore new avenues without being so boxed in. However, all the same old personnel will be producing and touring from time to time. Now we can bring in some new music and create some new sounds. I hope next year to introduce the new 2012 Fatback Band. Look for the new music next month.

If you have been a fan of Fatback for long time, then you know Robert Damper has been in the Fatback family for over twenty eight years co- producing and performing on many albums. Back in the days, when he was a member of the group, he arranged most of music on the Phoenix and So Delicious albums on Cotillion Records. After getting his schooling in funk with the group he joined Kenny G as Music Director for the last twenty seven years.

Robert was born and schooled in Seattle Washington. He went to New England Conservatory of Music, studied at the University of Washington, and learned music ethic in streets of New York City better known as, “The City,” The Big Apple. His duties with Kenny have prevented him from devoting his time to our music, but over the years he has compiled quite a few originals that will be released in an album around the first of the year. Fatback fans will have the honor of being the first to listen and review two of his original compositions. This project was really a labor of love. It took me over ten years talking him into releasing his music. He felt like there was so much music out there, who would be interested in his music.

Robert is the quintessential musician. He has done 10,000 hours of jamming, and fine tuning his craft. He has played all kind of gigs, even worked the Chitterling Circle before hitting the big times. Fatback fans, you are the first to hear Robert Damper music. I’m very excited about turning you on to his music. If you like his music, e-mail rdamper@cs.com to let him know.

Downloads of the Month:
“Spontaneous Epiphany” & “Win or Loss”

Our downloads of the month are:
“Spontaneous Epiphany”
“Win or Loss”

Video: “To Be With You”


Video: “I Feel The Fire”
Fatback at Southport Weekender


Fatback Live at the 02 in London 2009




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