Fatback Band Letter

Bill Curtis
“The Gospel”

March 24, 2011

February was Black history month the first thing I thought about was black music and the music industry. The way I look at things is a little different from way a lot my musicians and Entertainers friends, where I see things are going. No, I didn’t like how they dumped our music down like water and used it to sell their high price phones. You can’t stand by and watch technology keep advancing and you don’t keep up with it. As I see it… time marches on and music will still be here.

What has to happen; you got to get in the mix with what’s happening and don’t just sit back and wait. It will never be like it was and if you’re waiting, you’ll be left behind. Now music have been through this throughout the times and survived. Black music came out of the churches, Spiritual to Blues then Jazz and their offspring’s, R & B to Rap/hip-hop. Now where’s Black music? ...back in the churches. We have made complete circle, we’re at the beginning of new roads. What we have to do is figure out how to use all this new found freedom (Musically).

That’s one good thing about the music in the church. It becomes the Gospel a part you and the people support it from what I see. If you want to hear good funky music...tune into one those Gospel stations or go to church. Music is here to stay! What it is, we just have so much of it now and you’re competing with the world.

You just can’t make music; you got to make great music. Not good music, but Great music and how do you define Great music? Great music doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone, like; one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Music that touches many someway, that’s what made the Blues so great. It stood the test of time. I’m not saying that you have to write the Blues, for your music to get heard, but it got to be better than what’s out there or you just be caught up in the mix.

This year we want meet more new fans and our new Facebook page, you now can buy from our store:


"Love in the Tub" EP

“Love in the Tub” is the new EP from Bill Curtis and Friends w/Fatback Band Pete Everett - Lead vocals and Bass Nicole Tillman (Lady Red)

MP3: "Love In The Tub (Remix)"

MP3: "Love In The Tub, Part 3 (Remix)"

MP3: "Love In The Tub, (Tec 9 Remix)"

MP3: "Love In The Tub (Instrumental Remix)"

ZIP File: All Four Tracks (MP3's)

Hope you enjoy the music because we enjoyed making it.

Now that we have the new release, I need your help to promote it. One way is posting it on your Facebook wall, also about free give way, download you're our promoter now it's up to us keep the funk alive. If you're a Tweeter, Tweet the funk! The only way we can got back on the road touring is to build up fan base and get our music out there. Let's Get The Funk Back in 2011!

Peace, Love and Music! Bill

Video: “I Feel The Fire”
Fatback at Southport Weekender

Can't See the Video? Click Here!

Fatback Live at the 02 in London 2009




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