Fatback Band Letter

Lady Red
“Love in The Tub”

January 14, 2011

Hey Guys

Below is your copy of our new Ep “Love in The Tub”. Pete Everett, our Bassist is singing lead. We recorded at Digital Wave Studio in Fayetteville, NC. My main man, Andy Pow, at the console doing his thing. I got my man, Stanson, at Tec 9 to do a remix. I would like to introduce to you the newest of my friends, I call her “Red.” In her own words let her tell you a little about herself…

    I guess I should start by saying; Ladie Red is exactly the person you get, when you meet me. My birth name is Nicole Tillman, my life name is ladle red. To be honest I feel I have always been ladle red, stuck in a poets shell. Having to raise yourself from the age of 17 in Fayetteville N.C. there wasn't much a teen could turn to. I had words and they had me. I originally began competing with poetry, allowing my words to pave the path. Once I started with intro features for other local artists, I knew I’ve found my passion. Some would say I haven't been doing music long (only 4 years) - not true. It's just that I’ve never had anything that I felt not only needed my attention, it actually demand it. My voice has a real old soul sound, the clarity allows me to absolutely command the crowd’s attention and keep it. To know me is to appreciate all good people that cross your path. So...on that note- I’m saying: I am me! I am a star! I am hip-hop!

    I was truly inspired by artists such as Queen Latifa, M. C. Lyte, Salt n' Pepper, Al Green, Teddy P, Aretha Franklin, Ghetto Boys, 2 PAC, Biggie, Raven Simmone. The reason my inspirations run through a variety of artist's you ask?...Because no one should limit themselves. If we can all play a part and actually learn from those whom impacted our lives, a lot more musicians would be wiser. These people came in the game with a goal and that's exactly what they've accomplished. Now, rappers want to know how much "Bling" or how many "cars" does it take to be number one. It's so unfortunate that they have lost their way.

    My goal in life is to; show the industry that we have what it takes to become real Hip-hop once again. I believe in myself and my music. I believe in my dream so much that I not only bought the name ladle red. I've actually started to build upon my dream. From that I also started my own hands on non- prophet organization. I began Easter Sunday of 2010. Each month I visited each different area in our community as L.R.C Inc (community take ova) with the support of 104.5 radio stations, I hosted free cookouts, which included: Magicians, cotton candy, popcorn, DJ's etc., whatever it called for that month. I’d choose a different theme for each location and invited the community to come and enjoy themselves. Not just to bring them closer, but to let them know I care. In this line or work that's needed because we are potential role models. My goal is to bring L.R.C Inc to all needy communities, no matter how far in life I go or don't go.

Ladie Red Like I said you will hear a lot more from ladie Red maybe not with Fatback but you’ll hear her music in the future ok Guys tell your friends about our new release If they not familiar with Fatback music direct them to our website (www.fatback.com) let them know Fatback isn’t just ole School we help define ole school and the future with music to dance to. please check us out on Facebook, for you tech guys on Soundcloud and, for a more personal touch, you can e-mail me direct: Bill.c32@hotmail.com. now you have all final masters of “Love in the tub” ENJOY and spread the word “You funk’n with Fatback.”

"Love in the Tub" EP

“Love in the Tub” is the new EP from Bill Curtis and Friends w/Fatback Band Pete Everett - Lead vocals and Bass Nicole Tillman (Lady Red)

MP3: "Love In The Tub (Remix)"

MP3: "Love In The Tub, Part 3 (Remix)"

MP3: "Love In The Tub, (Tec 9 Remix)"

MP3: "Love In The Tub (Instrumental Remix)"

ZIP File: All Four Tracks (MP3's)

Hope you enjoy the music because we enjoyed making it.

Now that we have the new release, I need your help to promote it. One way is posting it on your Facebook wall, also about free give way, download you're our promoter now it's up to us keep the funk alive. If you're a Tweeter, Tweet the funk! The only way we can got back on the road touring is to build up fan base and get our music out there. Let's Get The Funk Back in 2011!

Peace, Love and Music! Bill

Video: “I Feel The Fire”
Fatback at Southport Weekender

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Fatback Live at the 02 in London 2009




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