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Happy New Year!

Sitting (left to right): Gerry Thomas, Bill Curtis, & King Tim III

January 14, 2011

Pete Everett
Happy New Year, everybody! Peace, Love and Music! A lot of things happened in 2010. We lost a lot of great musicians last year and a lot of history for those of you who took the time to watch the Paul Williams YouTube in November's Newsletter. That was the opportunity to see a little history at the Apollo Theater. I am looking forward to this year and will be trying a few new things musically. Putting a new Fatback Band together, that is, if we can find work. There is work out there for new groups that are just starting out, but for the seasoned groups that like to get paid... it is hard to put the numbers together in this economy. With airfares and hotels prices continuing to go up, this year will be a challenging year for musicians to find ways to make a living doing what they love best, playing and creating in this new music industry.

It’s not like the old one. Once upon a time you could make money from the sales of your records and that was your livelihood. If you’re thinking you can do that now, forget it. The money is gonna come now from your performances, your live shows, that is, if you can find an audience or someone who will pay to see you. I have talked about this for the last few years. It is not easy, even with the social sites; Facebook, Myspace, Twitter. It’s a full time job with a crew. That’s right, you gotta go and build you an audience for your music and nurture them. Today’s music lovers want to be a part of the act, they want to know you personally and want you to be accessible to them. Yes they are your family, your musical family. The one thing I found out about those social sites they are just that, for socializing. And don’t try to use it as PR tool for music but to interact with your family (fans) and let them sell your music. As the ole saying goes, “word of mouth is the best promotion.”

Lady Red
Sitting here, telling you, how to, like I have sold a few thousands on the net... No, but what little work I have done has shown me you can make money if you and your crew are willing to put in the time. I’m not saying you’ll sell tons of downloads or CD’s. But you’ll have control of your music; you’ll be the CEO, President, and CFO of your company. And the sad part... you won’t have anyone to blame. But you have got to be organized. That’s why so many little groups don’t really see big money from the internet. It’s time-consuming and you must be different and fresh. This is just part of making money with your music, I will pass on more things you need to know in the new music industry/business, for those of you who don’t wish to go to school.

I promised you some new music in 2011. Hope to have a lot of more music this year. I’m pulling out old tracks we never got around to use and all the out takes, it gonna be fun. I wanta thank the one’s that give me feedback. Don’t stop! I do listen.

Free MP3: "Love in the Tub"

“Love in the Tub” is the new Bill Curtis and Friends w/Fatback Band Pete Everett - Lead vocals and Bass Nicole Tillman (Lady Red) - Rapping 3 mix’s? Why I don’t know!! They felt good to me. Well, everybody isn’t into Rap and that’s one reason, the BPM are not the same.

MP3: "Love In The Tub (Remix)"

MP3: "Love In The Tub, Part 3 (Remix)"

MP3: "Love In The Tub (Instrumental Remix)"

ZIP File: All Three Tracks (MP3's)

Hope you enjoy the music because we enjoyed making it.

Peace, Love and Music! Bill

Video: “I Feel The Fire”
Fatback at Southport Weekender

Can't See the Video? Click Here!

Fatback Live at the 02 in London 2009




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