Fatback Band Letter

Staying Fresh and Keeping the Groove

Pete Everett
November 29, 2010

We had our Turkey Day and it was great! I’m just trying to get used to not working some gigs during the holidays. Our working days are drying up. There’s work out there, but not that much for the senior musicians, the Elder funkers. Now I ask myself "Am I crazy, to be putting together a new Fatback Band in this day and time? And if not, why not?" If you got it; you better use it. If you don’t use it; you’ll lose it! It is still in me…got to play that funky music.

Sometime in December I will be downloading a new jam featuring Pete Everett (lead vocal). I will need your feedback. We are doing one song, with three different mixes. Why? Well, it’s so much music out there and many dance styles. We just want to do few mixes in different grooves. Please, we’re not trying to compete with history; we just want to stay fresh and up dated with the sounds and grooves. I know a lot you guys like the old sounds from back in the days and I do too but I also like some of the new music. We’re gonna add a little of the old funk and see how it comes out.

Also wanted to let you know I started blogging last month. Don’t ask me, I don’t know! Why in the hell? I can’t get even get the letter out. Well I guess it’s that challenging thing. Somewhere I read meeting challenges keep you healthy & we’ll see.

This week I received an e-mail with a link attached. R & B, Paul “Hucklebuck” Williams, one of the pioneers in Black Music. Paul recorded a few albums and had a few big ones, but his biggest one was “Do the Hucklebuck”. This one put him on the map. It was the first big Dance craze. Paul was my mentor. It was the first professional band I played with. I didn’t know anything when I went with Paul, though I thought I did.

Let me tell you this story. I may have before but anyway, I got the gig because my buddy, Belton Evans, who taught me how to play…taught me the double shuffle beat. That’s all we played in the south. The drummer’s in New York didn’t know how to play that beat with power. He was leaving and asked Paul to take me and that’s how I got the job. By this being my first big time gig…I had a lot to learn. One night Paul was in his groove blowing his ass off and I messed up. Somehow, I think I dropped the tempo. Anyway the groove fell out; Paul came over to me after the song was over and said “you would mess up a wet dream”! I stayed with Paul for six months, working seven nights a week. After that “schooling” I was right, but Paul fired me and gave his son the gig. We worked many recording session and gigs together over years. Please check out his site so you can get a feel of the funk back in the day.

Sitting (left to right): George Williams Johnny King, Pete Everett
Standing (left to right): Ed Jackson, Bob (Zoot) James

Free MP3: "Daddy Cool"

Daddy Cool is one of out tape that been lay around in the studio for the last ten years we call them studio Jams whenever we go in to record, I usually kick off something to warm the band up, before we start recording. I been doing this for years. So anytime run across one that I think might have a groove I will share it with you.

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Video: “I Feel The Fire”
Fatback at Southport Weekender

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Fatback Live at the 02 in London 2009




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