Fatback Band Letter

Watcha Gonna Do?

Gerry Thomas, Gerry Bledsoe
& Bill Curtis
August 24, 2010

I’d like to thank all of you, who gave me a shout on my Birthday. It’s bad when someelse has to remind you it’s your birthday. The weekend was great! The weather was awesome! I spent a few days at the beach, with all my favorite people. No, I didn’t take in any music. I was too busy kick’n it on the beach, under an umbrella, sipping lemonade...“girl watch’n”! Big leg girls, skinny leg girls… you name it, I saw it!

It is very hard to find music that I like to listen to living in this region of the States. Let me put to you in a different way; it’s hard to find tight, hard-hitting groups that can hold your attention for 15+ minutes. I’m not hard to please, but just want to get something from the music. I don’t know when the last time was that I went to a concert and came back talking about it for weeks afterwards.

I’m not talking about old school acts; most of them gave you your money worth. A few letters back I wrote about old artists’ fine tuning their crafts, spicing up their act, like rearrangement to their old songs. If you don’t you be just like the buffalos, (lol) because people not going pay money to see the same old show they have been seeing for the last ten years or longer. That means new songs, and if you play something that they don’t recognize, your show dies right there. If you go on playing your same old hits, with the same old arrangement, I don’t care how big they were at every show, and not putting out any new music, you’re dying too. This is the Buffalo’s problem. Even if you did record some new music, chances are getting heard in the new recording world are slim. So what are we going to do? Hell!!! I don’t know, I can’t even write a “Newsletter”, but I’m not gonna stop trying, nor will I stop looking for solutions or creating new music. Look for new audiences and stay fresh! I’m from the school... “If You Don’t Use It, You Lose It,” a line from Miss Linda Blakely.

PS. I tell you this, if I had the money I’d ask all the Funk Bands 70’s to 90‘s to give me one new song and make an album. Maybe two or three and hit all the internet radio and blogs! This would have to be a big time promotion, mass marketing and build a funk foundation.

Hey, I know I didn’t come up with this idea. I must have read it or heard it some where. So let’s get back to when music was king and funk ruled.

Video: Fatback at Southport Weekender

Can't See the Video? Click Here!

Free MP3: “Last Train”

As you know I left New York in '93 after 40 years to go back to my Hometown Fayetteville, NC.  I started doing two to three concerts each year, inviting  some of my Musicians friends from NYC to come down. On a few occasions, we would go in studio and just let the tape run. I would like to share the raw, unedited, no overdubs, unmixed, no retakes, flat unmastered Jam session.   Hope to start mixing when we can find some  way to get money. My friends on this cut…

Reuben Wilson- on Organ, played with Fatback for two years
Warren Daniels-  on Sax,  played on Fatback’s first recording
Brain Morgan- Guitar
Pete Everett – Bass, with the Band now
Ledjerick Woods- Trumpet, with the Band
Bill Curtis- Drums

Click here to download…

Fatback Live at the 02 in London 2009




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