Fatback Band Letter

October 28, 2009

Hi Guys,

I've been away from the music scene for awhile, doing a few personal projects that I felt very strongly about that I would like to share with you. I will try to make it short.

Bill Waithe, a dear friend of mine, passed away a few years ago. I first met Bill in Queens, NY in the late Seventies at one of the local watering holes, Powell’s on Jamaica Avenue. At that time, Bill had a studio a few blocks away where he did his painting, portraits and after-hour parties. He also did stage scenery for theaters and window designs. On the weekend, you could find Bill down in Greenwich Village on the sidewalk doing his thing, he was a main fixture in the Village.

A few years later, Bill was in my family, he married my then-wife’s sister. I don’t know how or when they met, the next thing I knew Bill was in the family. Bill spent all his life teaching and painting, it was his job. Everyday he would leave to paint, he was the very essence of an artist. Bill, like all artists, was very modest; most of his work has never been seen.

When his wife Juanita retired, they settled in Columbia, SC, a place they fell in love with on trips to Florida. One of his wife’s dreams was to one day to be able to share Bill’s work with others. Due to health problems, she was unable to do so; as the years passed, she begin to realize that her health wouldn’t allow her to fulfill her dreams.

Along with my daughter, Lydia, we convinced her to let us help. Unfortunately, we started too late. Juanita passed away on October 24, 2009. We got Bill’s website up before she passed, but she had a stoke and was unable to see the site.

It isn’t completed yet, but Bill had about eighty paintings, some signed and a few unsigned. Please visit BillWaithe.com to check it out. In our Newsletter from time to time, you will see some Bill Waithe Portraits.

Vol 2 Bill Curtis and Friends is on all of the internet stores including iTunes and Amazon.

All the best,




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