Fatback Band Letter

May 20, 2009

Fired up and ready to go, after seven years playing in one club in London we finally get to perform in another location: the IndigO2, located at 2 Peninsula square, London SE10, OAX, on the east side of London. A great venue! We will be there June 19th 2009 for one show only. We are looking forward to meeting all our UK friends, old and new. This is a chance to introduce your friends to come, who have never been to a Fatback party & that’s what funk is all about. Bring a friend and get a free CD.

This month’s free download features Bubba Brooks (Sax). Why this download? A few years ago, sax was king. There was instrumental music in the top 10 on the pop chart and #1 hits. When was the last time an instrumental was on the charts that you know of? There were groups like Red Prysock, Bill Dogget, Paul Williams, Sil Austin, Joe Liggins, who had #1 record’s on R and B chart’s. These groups were small groups with four and five pieces. They played at dances, concerts and some had one singer, but their hits were instrumentals. This was a period in history when music was a part of your life. When people went out and brought records like apple and oranges.

I know that some won’t dig this type of music, and I’m not trying to satisfy everyone, but if you‘re a music aficionado or you just love funky music in any form then “Truck’n w/Bubba” is one those tunes from the past. What I wanted to show that music is music, what changed is the technology and the way they present music today. We cut this one back in the late eighties in our House funk studio on Linden Blvd, St Albans Queens, with just a drum loop and Bubba. When Sax was king, this would have been in the top 10 on R&B chart. In today’s world, vocal music is king. Most young people won’t even take the time to listen if their no words. “Truck’n w/Bubba” is one you can add to your funk collection and play when your friends come over, a throw-back from the past, when Sax was King.

I want to give you a heads up. I just finished an interview for a new book, The Big Payback: The History of the Business of Hip-Hop, coming out on New American Library/Penguin in 2010 and written by Don Charnas. You’ll get the real facts behind Hip-Hop. Be on the look out. Also, if you haven’t read Funk by Dave Thompson… I highly recommend it. I just got mine this week.

I’d like for you to also check out to this interview. I received it from Soul-Patrol. Billy Jones, I don’t know him, but I like what he’s talking about. I saw it coming years ago. I don’t know if there’s any books out there but it should be…“How they Stole the Blues” or “How We Disinherit the Blues”..


A few words about Bill Curtis and Friends w/Fatback Band, this is nothing new, we just want to release more of a variety of music on the Fatback label from our production company, some of it recorded live in the studio on tape you can hear some tape noise give you some ideal how for technology has come, some digital stuff is mix in there too Right now we have House Music Vol 2 coming this month… “Open House”



“Truck’n w/Bubba”
from Bill Curtis and Friends Ep

“Open House”
from Fatback Plays House Vol-2


The title tune from Bill  Curtis and friends' Ep "Good Times" featuring Robert Damper…





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