Fatback Band Letter

April 21, 2009

Hey Guys,

This year started off very strangely. We spent the first three months working on our new CD and facing the unique challenge of trying to mix the old and new funk… it's been surprisingly difficult. We're still working away at it… it's coming. I know I have been taking for sometime about this new CD, Bill Curtis and Friends, and I've been very hard at work selecting the right songs to put together, matching, finding funds, and finding time to mix. We're also looking for gigs… just when you think you have a few gigs lined up, the next thing you know they all fell out.

The way I see things, today’s musician will find it very hard to support his/her family by just playing music. I don’t know how many Funkbackers out there that we send our newsletter out to are musicians/entertainers, if you're thinking about playing music for a living you need to prepare and make sure you've got some fallback options. It's a whole new game out there. It’s not like it was when I was coming up as a young musician and music was my full-time job.

In today’s world—with the internet, new technology and music running like water—you've got to have a plan and be able to see the larger picture. There is so much music out there, and consumers can pick and choose just what he/she wants to hear. So you've got to be your own promoter and do your own publicity. One good thing: you don’t have to worry about is pressing your records anymore, But you will have to be able to manage, produce, and put together a good business plan.

Today’s musicians/entertainers have to work, even harder then we did, but the rewards are potentially greater as well. Perhaps most importantly, you’re independent and you own your own property. It’s always been a business, but more so now. There a lot’s money out there, you've got to study and learn how to get in the game.

A little more about the Bill Curtis and Friends CD. In the Sixties, I had a group called “The Soul Four.” We played in Queens, NY at “Club Fantasy East,” and we were the house band for seven years. The members were Charles I Williams (alto sax), Bubba Brooks (tenor sax), Don Pullen (organ) and yours truly on drums. Four nights a week we played there; on the weekends, he would bring in a headliner, a singer. Anyway when I started recording with my Fatback group, I would sometime bring one of the guys from the “The Soul Four” in for that exact favor. Putting the Bill Curtis and Friends CD together, I ran across an old track with just Bubba Brooks and included it in this CD. It just might be too raw, we’ll see…

Hope to see some of you guys this summer, like I said, you never know about gigs. Here today, gone tomorrow. So stay loose, be funky, be you…



“Wanna Dance (Keep Up The Dance)”


The title tune from Bill  Curtis and friends' Ep "Good Times" featuring Robert Damper…





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