Fatback Band Letter

March 24, 2009

Hey Guys:

As usual, I’m late with the news. I’m in the studio recording a few new things, and pulling out a few old ones from the vault. Our new EP will release in the middle of April, title “Bill Curtis and Friends/ Fatback Band.”

Let me explain the title, and why, little thing we started back in our Perception Records days that I was unable to finish. We only did one, that was “Bother Johnny King,” and the idea was to let each member put together their own album the way they wanted. After we left Perception Records, I couldn’t sell the idea to a new company, so I just abandoned the idea.

But with our newfound freedom courtesy of the internet, it feels like the time is now right, and doing “Bill Curtis and Friends” gives me the freedom to record all genres of music with new concepts, and get back to just music. In this EP, we have a couple of real “live” recordings.

If anyone remembers how music sounds in real time, let me know. I never do get any feedback, from our newsletters, sometime I wonder, if anyone actually reads them.

Getting back to the EP. I called on a long time friend, Willy Bridges (tenor sax) from New York City. He was one of those session musicians in the city. We really started our musical career about same time, making jam sessions all around the city, trying to work our way into that NYC clique.

Anyway, we cut about four things with him. Something else, you might not ever hear again on a recording, is my buddy Robert Damper, MD for Kenny G, playing B-3 yes a Hammond B-3, a take-off on “Goin’ Home To See My Baby.” We were just jamming. He’s also featured on keyboard, on a thing we call “Goodtimes” on that same cut, couple young ladies from the group legacy, just happen to be in the studio at the time, we threw them on, too, that was a really fun night.

Oh yes, we did another party song, Wait a minute, let me explain, almost every time I go in the studio, the first thing we do is start jamming/partying. Sometimes I keep them and I put them out late, this happens to be one of those songs. I’ve got some that go back to the early 80’s that I’m gonna whip on you later. I hope to start sending the free downloads in April, for your commits and feedback.

A few more behind the scene things…

We have few of Stanson/Tec9records mixes and Andy Pow /Digital Wave mixes, we wanted have more color’s and get other people involved the mixes. We would like start featuring different guys mixes in our upcoming CDs .

I’m sending out an S.O.S. for volunteers to help to us build our Fatback community. You can send people to our site, and you can add our links to sites. If you have ideas, or want to get involved, whatever support you need if we can do it we be more than glad. Just e-mail me at Bill.c@att.net.

We’re still taking bookings for the 2009 Europe tour, you can email Bill.c@att.net.


PS: Artists, Musicians, united. Stand up and fight, they’re trying to move us out. If you’ve never been involved, it time to get in and fight for your rights in the digital music world so that you get your share.


The title tune from Bill  Curtis and friends' Ep "Good Times" featuring Robert Damper…



“Give Me One More Chance”

“Give Me One More Chance” is from our very first album, Let's Do It Again. For all you jazz buffs, featured on sax is the late George Adam (Charlie Mingus), in one of his first recordings before joining the Mingus Band. Also featuring Johnny King on guitar, Flip on Bass, and Bill on Drums.




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