Fatback Band Letter

February 2, 2009

Hello there, Fatback fans!

On our website we have some new videos and pictures we’d like to share with you. That’s one thing; next coming down the line is new music. Some time ago, I began recording the guys in the band a concept we started with Bro Johnny King back in the 70’s. I never was able to finish the project, but Bill Curtis & Friends with the Fatback Band is a continuation of that concept.

This month’s download is from that Perception PLP 46 (“Why is It So Hard to Do”) that we recorded at Blue Rock Studio. This was our first studio, engineered by Eddie Korvin, who is really responsible for our sound. It was his ideal to mix our albums with as little effects as possible and as raw as he could. We used his formula for many earlier Fatback albums. Our recording parties started there too, it was a great place to record. Many thanks to Eddie!

My concept was to give everyone in the band a chance to express themselves musically without worrying about would this sell or be a hit. We had that musical freedom during our first five or six years and somewhat all of recording years. It wasn’t until our latter years that we started getting pressured that we needed a hit. You can tell when we started to be little more mainstream in our music.

If you’re a student of Fatback Band and a Funkbacker, you know when we started drawing the line. Johnny King “Feel my Soul” album was recorded in 1974. From his writing, you can learn something about him, his thoughts and feelings. It’s really a personal album. A concept type a thing before alternative music was born.

I don’t know if anyone ever heard this album before and I’m not asking you to go and buy it. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I added it to show the kind of freedom we had to create. From that type of freedom, lead us to be around today.

Please drop us line to let us know you’re out there. We will post your comments and if anyone have some Fatback mixes you’d like to share…hey, we’d be glad to post it too…whatever. Below is an e-mail we got of one’s experience at the 2008 December Show in New York.

Thanks for your love and support!

Bill Curtis


This is a review from a lady who traveled up and back to NY from DC to see the FATBACK Band…

For everyone who made the trek to New York City on December 27 you know how fabulous the club was and how hot the band was. For all of you who were there, you know how fly the people were dressed, and how everybody was on the floor. But for everyone else, let me just tell you... you missed a helluva show and a great evening of entertainment!

The venue was the incomparable Union Square Ballroom, a beautiful place with a backroom lounge and fireplace that was just too cozy. The front room was large without being cavernous, and framed with soft, colorful laser lighting.

Setting the tone for the evening was DJ Lady D Wells, who had the place jumping in no time. She is a celebrity in New York City who, in addition to a long list of places she has played, is on 98.7 KISS FM. She is an old school specialist, who has us baby-boomers hurting ourselves, jumpin' and bumping to Chaka and the rest of the 70's/80's crew. We are not afraid to sweat in our expensive finery! And what a parade of finery it was. This over 40 crowd was the best looking group Ive seen in a while. Dressed to the nines ( an old school term) and super CLEAN.

Then, after a dramatic wait, the Fatback Band took the stage. At first, it was all about the bass, which was fine with me, so I was groovin. Band leader, founder and percussionist, Bill Curtis, however complained loudly because the mikes weren't balanced. The sound engineers made their adjustments and then the band went off, playing all of their hits. Remember “Bus Stop,” “Spanish Hustle” and “I like the Girls?”

The Fatback Band's strength, in addition to the fact that they are all very accomplished musicians, is that they have stayed in the business this long. These cats are old!. Their playing however, is fresh, up- to -date and powerful. It's nice to be with musicians who can play anything. They ended their set with the crowd favorite “I Found Love” which had us worked up to a frenzy after everybody rushed to the dance floor. My only complaint---too short. Both the set and the cut. After having to wait, we just wanted to dance.

I won't tell you what happened after we left, except that we got lost on our way to a hotel in Jersey, and didn't get to sleep until about 5am. But it was a fun night, full of laughter, beautiful people and great funky music by the incomparable ( I said it again!) all-star, FATBACK Band.


“Why is It So Hard to Do?”




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