Fatback Band Letter

October 29, 2008

What the Internet Means to You

What does internet mean to you? As a musician, writer, small business or just everyday people, it means freedom to communicate whenever we want to at the fastest speed. The 'net has leveled the playing field. As a recording artist, you’ve the same access as the big major recording companies. Selling your music to the world at the same speed, the internet's only job is to send data. We can use any service we like, sending instant massages, watching video, downloading music, anytime we choose. I know a lot of you guys don’t remember when TV was free, yes FREE, all the channels. Now you have to pay to watch what was once free, over the air.

Right now the internet is free, equal and neutral, non-discriminating. The big record companies and large corporations wanted to change all this and put high tolls on who can have the fastest access to the world. I knew the record companies would find a way, okay, okay! Maybe I‘m wrong, but who will benefit more if the largest telephone and cable companies become the gatekeepers of the internet? They will control who has the fastest access, those who pay the highest toll, and they will control what you can send and say just keep watching AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner Verizon. If they had their way, the net would be like cable TV but worste, because they would become the middleman.

Now there is no middleman we are in control to choose what we want, how we want to use it. What make this possible is NET Neutrality, it preserves the freedom of the internet. It prevents internet providers from blocking, speeding up or slowing down web contents based on its source, ownership or destination. We must not let them take this away from us. There are bills out there now to save the net. Let us do all we can to protect our freedom on the Net.


Johnny King Update

As you remember back in February 2008 Johnny was Brutally beaten, and had to have plastic surgery to repair damage to his face and right eye eight months later I’m happy to report that he is back on the bandstand with Fatback, and playing with a few local bands. Johnny was also honored by Winthrop University on October 24th 2008. Congratulation, U Go Johnny!!


Fatback Band Update

Fatback is on the way back home New York City playing our first gig in Fifteen or more years, December 27th at Manhattan Center on 34th St. looking seen all of our old fans and new one too this going to be a great evening. Okay, listen, working on a new track, but I want to thank you guys for your feedback, it was very helpful.


Free Download: “Take a Ride (On the Soul Train)”


Get Back to the Funk,


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