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Tribute to My Stepmother
I'm a little late getting our newsletter out this time. I had a untimely passing of my Stepmom ,Gertrude Rollerson Martin from Greeleyville, SC, who was 90 years young.  She was a great influence on me in my early days, as was my Father. All she would say to me was, "you can do it". She encouraged me to follow my dreams, and she helped me  make my dreams come true. One thing I like about old school parenting, is that  they did it by setting examples. I saw what you can achieve with hard work.  It will happen if you believe in it. I saw them use what they had to get what they wanted. They lived the American dream. They worked as a team, and they didn't take "No" for a Answer. My father did more with an elementary education then more people with degrees. I credit that to a strong woman behind him, believe me. They showed me it could be done as long as you don't give up on your dreams. I often tell people I was fortunate to have three parents who taught me the rules of life. My Mother set me on solid ground with the basics, my Stepmother and Father how to survive. I owe what I am today to them.  I'm so glad they lived long lives to see the fruits of their labor. The same valves they instilled in me were also stored in my Brother and my kids. She touched many, and brought joy to many lives. The world is better place because of people like her.
I know this wasn't about music, but a person that helped make it possible for some good, funky music... My Respect.

Fatback Findings
One of our spaces my buddy dropped a letter to us, on one of his findings, so I would like to share with you:

"Hello Friends one and all!
With so much music out there these days with not a lot of meaning there seems to be a danger of complete genres disappearing from view in a sea of dilution - or so I thought until I stepped back from the treadmill looked around found a shovel and started to dig a little deeper.

I think it's a good thing to do the research and find out where a particular genres' been - it'll help you see where it's going! 

But enough analogy!  

One such example is the Kay Dee Records Compilation No1 - the label owned by Kenny Dope and Keb Darge.
It's a cracking album and for me there's one track in particular that has filled me to the very top with those sensations that only the right groove can bring in absolute abundance! Re-mixed by Kenny Dope it is:

Ok, many of you may know this track, I for one didn't.  It's blown me away on many levels... not least that it's had me bouncing off the walls to the monstrous groove! 

Bill's drums lead the charge at the front from the back with a wonderfully melodic bass that goes off out there once the groove is established - combined with Johnny's guitar, the brass and a mean vocal! For me this is classic Fatback. 

It's just a shame the lyrical content is just as relevent 39 years on - do we never learn as people? 

Bill tells me this was not released on a major this was on his Fatback label, it was recorded on eight track using a friends' home made equipment out in Queens NY.  Apparantly there is another tune that came from that same session - the original of "Put it in Baby"...

Seems I better find that shovel. I've got more digging to do yet!
Keep it Funky!
All the best from London

Download "Peace Love Not War"

Fatback Mixtape
Dj aldino put together a mixtape of Fatback classics and rarities.  Get Fatback Mixtape (large file, so please be patient).

If any you guys find any old Fatback out there that no one is familiar with and want share with us, drop me a note.
Hey, I'm outta here.  Don't keep it for yourself. Spread it. The Music.

Bill Curtis
Fatback Band