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Since the gas prices have put such a big damper on international travel with hotels going sky high, there won't be as many of your small groups visiting many countries as they use to be. Airfares and hotels cost more than what groups get paid. That's unfortunate because there is nothing more exciting than listening, watching, and experiencing a live show. My first live experience was the Buddy Johnson Band.  
You see, big bands with a singer were the headliners in my day, and we had to walk about two miles to see them. The halls packed about 1000 people in a place that held at the most 650, and there were no seats. Everyone waited for the band to hit that first note and, when they did, all 1000 people swayed and danced the same way. As the band plays, you can feel your blood pressure starting to rise from your feet all the way up, and before you know it your head is bobbing, hands are clapping with the beat, and your body make moves you never made before. All you can remember is, "I've just been caught up in the music for four long hours."  I still think about when music was a part of our lives and the feeling you had after a live show. The next day that was all you talked about with your friends; the ones who missed the show, the hype from a live show. 

I still get that way, after all these many years.  You can't get this kind experience at a disco; it's not like watching it live.  Now you have a lot great DJ's out there, and when say great, I mean really good. But when someone goes to a dance and they have live entertainment they can always tell you about the experience they had. Those of you who know what I'm talking about will have stories to pass down to the next generation, the ones who didn't have the chance to experience a dying trend.  The global economy is hurting the indie promoters, and small venues.  Only a few will be able to pay the price to see live shows.

Soon, the only way you be able to see one is second hand, on DVD's or videos, or the way you get boxing (Pay-Per-View). You're not going to get the same experience you would if you were there, caught up in the moment. That rush, that hype, that carefree feeling, that natural high you can only get from live music, and we losing this slowly. What we are losing is the exchange of artists from one country to another.  The loss of Jazz clubs, and the 1500 seater is on their way out.  I hate to say it, but only the rich will be able to go to live shows. Now don't get me wrong thinking I'm painting a bad picture for music as a whole. No, music business is in good shape. It's live music that's feeling the brunt.
It's the musicians that depend on music for his livelihood who can't even do the same gigs he used to do, at the same price anymore. Don't think things are going back where it used to be. You can forget that. Those of us who have had that experience are rare breed. I know what they have out there, the high tech  ipods, iphones and computers. It's  just not the same, but if you never have experienced it, you don't know what you missing anyway, so what the Hell.


The music world lost a giant last month; a man that made three pieces sound like an ensemble. A man who help legitimizeg the Guitar,  Bo Diddley. When I was coming along, we didn't allow a Guitar player on the bandstand. Believe it or Not.

Here is an interesting piece about Bo Diddly brought to my attention by Bob Davis from

Hey, I'm outta here.  Don't keep it for yourself. Spread it. The Music.

Bill Curtis
Fatback Band