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Hey Guys:
I'm back.  For you guys who didn't know, I had little accident.  I was out in the wild hiking around April 16th --Weekender just before we took off for Germany-- with my favorite person, Miss Ty. We came upon a long pike about 6ft high and 50 yards long and I decided I was going to walk across it.  Well, about halfway across things got a little shaky, and I decided to jump off.  I knew I was in good shape, body wise, so, I wasn't worried.  Bang! Off I went. Next thing I know, I heard Terri, my Lady, cry, "Oh my God! He jumped!"  We were a little off the beaten path, so she started yelling, "Help, Help! Someone help me!!" while dialing 911 at the same time. She then came over to see if I was ok.  I seemed to be fine until I started walking and discovered I sprained my ankle all the way around. I couldn't put any weight on that foot at all. Mind you, Fatback was scheduled to leave the 23rd of April.
On the day we left, I was still having pain, but I could put a little weight on my foot.  They rolled me on and off the plane in a wheelchair, but I hadn't gone to the emergency room. I was afraid my foot was broken, and they would have to put a cast on my leg.  I knew couldn't play in a cast and have control, but I could kick the Bass drum with a leg motion. Now, the best thing that happened to me was that we stayed at hotel with a spa which I used twice a day to help me have a great gig that night. I'm not 100% back. I'm about 75% back.  Hey, I know now I ain't what I used to be, but I'm just as good as I ever was.

Let me tell you about Miss Ty; she's my adopted Grandchildwho's been with me for eight years. She has Down syndrome and she has Weekendermade me a better person about life.  She's a fun person to be around, and the first one to hear my new music. If she likes it, she lets me know by dancing. Now, she can dance, or do anything she wants to do. Everything else, she just blocks out.  This is her world. We just live in it.  She's 13 years old and beginning to define her own personality.
 I know this is not what you expect from me, but she has made such a difference in my life, in a way I didn't realize. Most of my friends are New Yorkers, having lived the better part of my life in New York. I moved to the south in '93, and Fayetteville is my home. I heard my friends say how much more patient and laid back I am now.  Ty taught me how to do that. That's hard to find in a New Yorker.  I'm learning how to block negative things out and keep all good and positive things in my head, like Ty. She loves everybody, and she sees no hate. Well, what does this have to do with music? It's about life, and music is life. Feelings and emotions have to be right to make music. You have to think positive, have a desire, faith, enthusiasm, hope, love. That's how people make it to top; that's how they become successful. Never doubt yourself.  Have the desire to make it, be enthusiastic about what you doing, have hope, have love in your heart, but, be prepared.
Little something that's not only for music, but for life. Get in that positive mode, and watch how your life changes.
Hey, I'm outta here.  Don't keep it for yourself. Spread it. The Music.

Bill Curtis
Fatback Band