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We juBill and Jazzy Bst returned from Germany during Baltic Soul Weekender, up in Weissenhauser Strand. The guys really put together a great weekender`. From the Fatback Band to the Baltic Soul Weekender team, we thank you for the invite, and to all the Dj's who have supported us over the many years, we send you a thousand Thanks. We love you Guys. Our German fans, old and new ones, we gotta get the funk back in Germany. Germany used to be a funky town. I remember when we use to come over there to hit all the big cities. Remember, every chance you get introduce new friends to funky music.  Tell them about funk sites. is just one. Send them some downloads. This is not just for Germany.  We just can't let the funk die. If you need any Fatback music files just let me know, and I will get it out to you.

We are sending out a new house tune from our "Fatback plays House Music" WeekenderI want comment a little about the cut we're sending you, "Let me take U Higher" feat.  Isabella Gordon.  To our old fans we want you to know, we're not leaving the funk, and we're just expressing our freedom to play music. Dance music. Today's music. When we were with a major label we had to stay in one bag.  If we did something that was out of our bag, they wouldn't promote it.   I understood the business, and they were king. Now that the playing field has leveled and fans are in control, we flow with the fans. Our old fans knew that, and you also know, that the so call house music is just sped up Disco music, and Spanish Hustle, that we did years ago is House. We just made a 360, that's all. Only a real Fatback fan would know that.

Just in case you missed the file we sent out last week, I included it below. Don't just keep it for yourself.  Send it to out to everyone in your address book. If you have music you trying to get out, send me a file and I'll introduce it to my fan base, this way we can help keep music alive. Keeping music alive is very important.  I remember when music was a part of our lives. People could associate certain songs with what they were during at that moment.  Music was used for motivation and inspiration. We have to get music back to that stage in our lives.

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A update on Johnny king, Guitarist and founding member of the Band. For those of you who don't know, Johnny was robbed , tied and beaten up in his shop, March 8, 2008, in his home town, Rock Hills S.C .They had to do reconstruction around his left eye to turn his eye around.  He was very lucky, he doing fine, and should be back very soon.

Before I check out, if you're not on you should be. It will open up a brand new audience to your music.  The more people you tell about your music, the better chance you have of spreading it if you're willing to spend time promoting your band.  It will pay off in the long run, because the more time you spend, the more you get back.  From time to time I will give you the 411 on some good sites  for musicians who're  willing to work hard, as well as  let you know some of the things I'm doing.

Pete, our Bassist, is a car buff among  other things. The car in the picture is his latest.  Ok you car buffs, tell me year, model and make. This is for you older funk-a teers.Pete's classic car

Hey, I'm outta here.  Don't keep it for yourself. Spread it. The Music.

Bill Curtis
Fatback Band