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Hey Guys:


I'm hitting you up with our latest adventure in House music, this is the first of two volumes. We added some old favorites in a 7songs Ep. That was remixed in a kind of house groove "I found lovin'" and "yum yum," Spanish Hustle also in the package is cookie monster remix of "Feel the Fire" bonus new cut is "Let me take U Higher" if you hear a little Eastern influence in there you're right. I've become fascinated with their rhythms and drum sounds. Also there's the original "Feel the Fire". We never really released it commercially. Another one is "Summertime Funk",   which is not in the so called House groove but when I was putting these songs together and listening I notice my kids would always start doing their workout pumping it up, so I subtitled the Ep  "Music to  Pump U up" the title is 'FATBACK BAND PLAYS HOUSE MUSIC-2008' with this concept we put Summertime Funk for Chillin' down.  If you find it's a good workout Cd let me know, so I can post it. I love to hear feedback. Below is the link /"Higher, and the original  Feel The Fire" with all the fire in it. CLICK HERE

We just got back from Germany. After many years off the scene, we had fun bringing   our kind own funk to town. We were at Baltic SEA Weekender festival April 25th and we had a blast!

Johnny King is doing great on his recovery and we thank you guys, who sent e-mail and get well cards. It was very kind of you.  If you caught our show, let me know what did we bring to you, how did you enjoyed it, make a few suggestions.  It's ok, we need a little help.  It lets me know you care. And we love ya'll.