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4/25/08- Germany, Baltic Soul Weekender
4/27/08- Camden, UK, Jazz Cafe

On Feb 26, 2008 our guitarist, Johnny king, was brutally beaten
in his electronic shop in Rock Hill, S.C.  It left him with serious
injuries that required plastic surgery to  repair  damage to his
face and eye. March 11th was the first of two surgeries he will
undergo and it was successful. The next one is March 18th,
so if everything goes well we'll see Johnny back on stage this
summer. If anyone would  like to say hello or send good
wishes, his e-mail address is JKJK@COMPORIUM.NET.  

 He would love to hear from you.

For more information about the story, check out Johnny's
or  this article on

When I was putting  the Fatback band together back in the 70's,  Johnny was the first member recruited.  He had just left Bill Doggett's Band.  why I did I want Johnny?  He was an excellent  singer.  Johnny was the "Michael Jackson" of New York.  You can check him on some early Fatback, ("Fatback Band featuring Brother Johnny King  Feel My Soul") Perception Records. You can also find the first three albums we've ever done in one two-cd box set.It's  released on Sanctuary Records with  the new title, "The Fatback Band Fatbackin".  My good Buddy, the late Weldon Irving Jr. (Young Gifted and Black), produced one song on that album, "Feeling Mellow".  This album was before its time. The writing, the concept, it was a personal story recorded to music.  At the time, Johnny lived  off Seventh ave in Harlem around 118th St in a small room. When I say small I mean small,  but Johnny had the room arranged so he could sleep 6 people. Only one could be up at a time, though.   When Johnny brought in his buddy Flippen to the band, that was the beginning of Fatback. King's first arrangements in the studio were on our first album ,"Give me one more Chance" , "Take a Ride", "Baby I want you" ,"Get ready for the night" ,on Spring Records "Bus Stop",  and the classic "Yum Yum"  to name  a few. If by chance you do find the album, check yours truly out in the doorway.

We're off to Germany April 23rd to do the Baltic Festival  ( ) and in the Jazz café  in Camden town in the UK April 27th.  Make your reservations early,  if there's any left. Johnny King won't be with us this time out.  The young man that's sitting  in for Johnny is no stranger to Fatback Band.  He's a member of the Package Band, a band I joined when I moved back home, lead by Pete Everett the Bassist with Fatback. We play locally through the Southeast Carolinas. Darryl McAllister knows Fatback music,  because we do a little Fatback at every gig.  Darryl is a well seasoned guitarist.  He's very fiery and he brings a new element to the band.  You're in for a treat. This is the first time we're  back in Germany in many ,many years, so  we look forward to meeting new friends and fans.  This is going to be a funky Weekender , so have your party game together and come out and party with us. Bring a friend.

We're releasing a new house tune at the end of March, "Let me take you Higher", featuring Isabella. It comes under our new serial of "Fatback Band plays House" I know you know us as a funk band. We just want to add some variety to group. Since we're not tied down to making what the record company tells us to make, why not feel free to play little variety of music? Not  like we haven't been doing it ,you know what I mean,  but we do have some funk lined up to do. I feel I just want to funk up some house music. I hope to have some with me on this tour so you can give me your feedback. All you guys on our mailing  list, when you receive your file tell is what you think, good or bad. That's  the only way to get the music you like. I have made a lot of bad records in my time, so I can take the good with bad.


             I'm out of here now man. Got go and  check on Johnny


P.S. If you want Fatback to come to your town, here's how to book us.

Associated Booking Corp.
att: Lisa Cohen
545 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10022
212 874 2400 ph
212 769 3649 fax email

For information on booking
the Fatback Band worldwide contact:
B.K.O. Productions  attn: Byron Orme
The Old Truman Brewery
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