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4/25/08 - Baltic Soul Festival
4/27/08 - Jazz Cafe, London

I'd like to thank you guys for all your support the past year.  You show us that funk is still alive, but most the all, the love you show us for music was unbelievable and we thank you.

We decided to start the New Year off showcasing Pete Everett with a House version of "I Found Lovin".  I know we can't top the original and we're not trying, because that's history.  I know we came out early last year with a version, but the Cookie Monster did a remix that we think is nice.  What we did was just update it the way Pete felt. Check his bio and song out, here. We're doing new music with Pete as lead, so if any of you guys have some material for us let me know via e-mail Bill.c@att.net


The way things look now we're going to hit a few new cities this year.  A lot of you ask, "Why don't you visit our city"? Well, sometimes the problem is that the promoters don't know of us or they don't book funky music. Other times, we just can't get enough dates together to cover the plane cost from the USA.  Promoters think funk is dead, but funk is making a comeback and live music is coming back. You just have to keep demanding the funk and support it and tell your friends about the music. Turn them on to a funk site; bring them out to a show. What we're trying to get going is visiting colleges and talking about music- Where today's music comes from, how it all came about, etc.  That's what's missing here in the USA: Funk Music Appreciation 101.


As you know we have been trying to build an e-mail fan database with like minded music lovers.  If you'd like to share some of your friends with us that would be great, and we can share ours with you. This is for Fatback Band use only. We hope to do some new things with our site, so check us out from time to time. One thing we're trying to do is a download each month from our old catalog.  We call it the album of the month in which we talk about the making of the album. Now the next thing is, we're putting some of Lyrics to the songs up. If any you guys have a favorite album or song you want us to put up let me know via e-mail Bill.c@att.net.   We posted Linda Blakely Bio.  She's the voice you hear on "I Found lovin".  She was the inspiration for the song. True story.   One more new thing in the works for site, links for former members of the band who have sites, as well as more pictures.   Now this is where you come in.  On every gig we will pass out two small cameras for pictures for the site. We want the site to be fan friendly. It's your site, so give me your feedback and any suggestions.

See you on the Dance floor or at the bar.  Gotta get me one. Stay in the light

Bill Curtis
Fatback Band

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