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11/03/07, Southport, England Weekender

Hey guys:

I'm fired up and ready to go, full of funk for the Weekender in Southport on November 3rd. We'll be there playing your favorites.  In the past, we have played Southport Weekender, so we're grateful to be playing there two generations later, and to know  that our  music is excepted.  We thank you for your support. If you can bring new friends to one of our parties let me know at the gig or send me his/her e-mail address. I will send them a few files of Fatback's music to get them  all funked up.  By the way, we've been trying to put a world tour together.  If you know anyone who can help make this happen, hook us up. We need to keep the funk alive and spread it all around the world.

As you know I'm not a big fan of gadgets. Ipod, iphone and itunes.  It's really not musician friendly.  What I mean is that they don't give a damn about us and I don't believe that the music business is in financial trouble. They are making new money that they never had before from new sources. The problem is they want things to stay the same as it has been in the past years:  Steal the majority of the monies from the artist, giving the fans what they want them to listen to, hyping singers that can't sing, and keeping artists and entertainers in
bondage.  What is happening...this generation of fans decided  they were tired of the hype and the internet made it possible for them to let their money do the talking.

 It is like a revolution,  the music business sitting back crying like a little baby who has lost his toy. What they are trying to do is keep the old model in place. Instead of listening to the fans and seeing what's happening in the streets...Apple now comes in with the gadgets. We call this seizing the moment. I really can't blame Apple; any good business man would have done the same thing. Apple isn't about selling music, it's about taking your music to sell their gadgets and they want it free. Until the industry finds a way for everyone get a piece of the action and stop the gadget companies from killing our business, we as musicians, writers and composers, will still be on the short end of the stick. I know some of you think the internet will save us...listen to me, you can't make a living off the internet. Right now the only way a band can survive, is on the road. Being on the road, you will have to be able to produce and to have a passion for your music and your fans. Your fans are your life line. You must take control of your own music...not your manager, agent, or attorney..

The internet leveled the playing field. Your job is to learn the game and learn how to play the game. This is not just for the young artists just starting. This is for old school, new school or whatever. Old school can rediscover themselves. Connect with the new generation to keep your legacy going through the internet.  If you able to perform...get the hell back out there. It's going to be hard, very hard, but it can be done. Forget about radio & TV, dead man walking; get on the new bandwagon...your wagon! Get your music heard. Put it in the hands of your fans. You don't need a record company to do that. The internet has made that possible. Give it to them free! Let your fans spread the word. I know a lot you guys disagree with me but until they find a better way that all parties can get paid... let's do it.


P.S. If you want Fatback to come to your town, here's how to book us.

Associated Booking Corp.
att: Lisa Cohen
545 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10022
212 874 2400 ph
212 769 3649 fax email

For information on booking
the Fatback Band worldwide contact:
B.K.O. Productions  attn: Byron Orme
The Old Truman Brewery
London E1 6QN
44-20-7377-9373 ph      
 44-20-7377-6523 fax email


Bill Curtis
Fatback Band

For you mixers, let me see what you can do with this one.  This month you are getting, "I've been there, done that".  Now "Done it" was in our Deep Six files for about 10 years, but I'm bringing it back out to see if you guys can do something with it.  Maybe you can feel it, cause I wasn't able to!

Send me a copy so I can post the best one  on our site. Ofcourse, I will give credit and if anything else happens with it,  I will let you know. I did say mix not rewrite.