Fatback Band Newsletter Aug. 2007
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Bill's Funky Birthday
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Upcoming Albums from Fatback Members & Friends
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What exciting things are happening  with The Fatback Band? The biggest thing is that  we're looking forward playing  in Paris and Germany this time out  around November,   so  look out all you Funkbackers, we are on our way( If nothing happens!).


Earlier this year when we released our "Fatback Live in Tokyo" CD ,we made a few mistakes that had to be corrected.  I would like to apologize publicly to my Japanese associate in Tokyo for the mistakes that were made on the cover of  "Fatback Live in Tokyo 2006" CD.  They have been corrected. I'm sorry that it took so long to correct the mistakes. Although I'm responsible, it was out of my control. We hope that the corrections are satisfactory for you.  We changed the cover front and back and removed everything that was not authorized. We did not intend to dishonor your company or your staff in any way.  To the Staff and all parties involved,  please accept our apologizes and honest in good faith.

 The correction we made was a new cover to make sure we didn't associate anyone that was not with the Fatback Production, Inc team and Ace Records. What you see is an old picture of the band without our new lead singer, Isabella Gordon. She joined the band one month before we left for Japan. I would like to apologize to all of our Isabella fans for her not being on the new cover. And to all of the Bob James fans as well... this was a rush, rush thing we had to do. Maybe you can still find some of the old covers around somewhere.

Bill's Funky Birthday!

I'd  like to thank all of you guys who sent me birthday cards  (Aug 5th).Bill and Edwin Borne And to those who attended the cookout...you really made me feel grand! I love you madly. We had one those old time, out in the country cookouts, where we put the whole hog on and bar-b-qued the sucker! Yes, we had pig feet, Terri, Michelle, Nell, Da'shaun Tah-likbrisket of beef, fried fish, crabs, polish sausage and on the side: collard greens, macaroni and cheese,  potato salad , green salad, baked beans, pasta, string beans, The Elder sitting around telling liesbanana pudding, peach cobbler and sheet cake. And of course some corn whisky with funky music in the background , none other than Fatback!  This is the way we do it in the Carolinas...a Funky Fatback picnic. Next year I'm looking for it to be larger and better. You're Gerry Harris MasterChef  At  Bill's Birthday Bashinvited to party with me with some good ole "Summertime Funk".

Free Downloads

To all our fans and friends...we have some free downloads. The first of many to come, "Summertime Funk"! The way we chill in the Carolinas! It's a Bah Samba mix! For you guys that want to hear the original, go to Itunes. Also we have a couple tracks. If you want get down with us on this...just let me know. I'm still trying to finish the "Bill Curtis and Friends" Cd,  that I've been talking about. Right now I'm running short of funds and if any of you guys want to donate...it could be a "Fan's Donation" Cd. I've never heard of this before, but it could be a first! Damn!  Not a bad idea since the music business is changing so fast. Why not let the fans pay in advance. I think I might  be on to something. Just click on this link.


Upcoming Albums from Fatback Members & Friends

Ed Jackson's New Cd will soon be ready. I will let you know when. And for all you organ (Hammond B3 ) lovers, Reuben Wilson has a new cd out, "Reuben Wilson Movin On". There is a tune on that cd called "Slick  Willie". It is a Bill Curtis tune, so check it out!  Also send Ed and Reuben a little love through myspace.com 

If you want to keep up with new funky releases, go to www.Soul-Patrol.com. If you want to hear music with an attitude and get the feel of North Carolina...tune in to Val Jones, Monday nights at  7o'clock EST. She is streaming online at www.wfss.org. There you'll hear music you normally don't hear any place else...I mean funk.

Bill Curtis
Fatback Band