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Welcome to GoodFood WorldNovember 28, 2012

We ARE the new food movement! Yes, that means you too! 


The food movement was alive and well with our grandparents in the 30s and 40s, our mothers in the 50s and 60s, our university friends in the 70s and 80s, and it is with Ken and me and hundreds of friends into the present. If you don't think so, see our coverage of what over 650 young (and older...) organic farmers are doing in the state of Washington.   

Tilth Producers 2012 Conference

It is ironic that Fort Worden - an overhauled military base and now a Washington State Park - played host to a conference for organic and sustainable farmers and good food advocates. The more than 650 people who attended the 2012 Tilth Producers of Washington Annual Conference enjoyed warm friendship, made new acquaintances, and dined on some of the best locally produced organic food available.  


Albert Roberts, Pine Stump Farm Grant Gibbs, Gibbs Organic Farm Dozens of workshops, presentations, and keynotes were part of the conference, but the very down and dirty hands' on Farm Mechanics Workshop, presented by Albert Roberts, Pine Stump Farms, and Grant Gibbs, Gibbs Organic Produce, drew multi-generational attention.  


A farmer once told me, "If you don't know how to weld, you can't be a farmer." From the looks of it, you also have to know how to dismantle and reassemble small engines and other farm equipment of all sizes and shapes.  


Attend the conference "virtually" here at Tilth Producers of Washington: Growing Forward.  


We say "all thumbs up" to all the farmers and food advocates we met at Fort Worden. We are especially humbled by the dedication and hard work it takes to produce the good food to feed us all. Thanks everyone for a job well done! We'll see you next year!


There's more, keep reading! Get a cup of coffee and join us at GoodFood World, where we get to the source by talking to the people who produce, process, and deliver good food.

Reading List

Food Movements Unite! by Eric Holt-Gimenez is a collection of essays by food movement leaders from around the world that all seek to answer the perennial political question: What is to be done?
Food Movements Unite

The answers-from the multiple perspectives of community food security activists, peasants and family farm leaders, labor activists, and leading food systems analysts-lay out convergent strategies for the fair, sustainable, and democratic transformation of our food systems. Authors address the corporate food regime head on, arguing persuasively not only for specific changes to the way our food is produced, processed, distributed and consumed, but specifying how these changes may come about, politically.Holistic Management


A keynote presentation by Allan Savory at the Tilth Producers Conference warrants another look at Holistic Management: A New Framework for Decision Making. In considering humans, their economies and the environment as inseparable, the holistic management approach is intended as a revolutionary decision-making framework. It has been practiced by thousands of people around the world to profitably restore and promote the health of their land, and the book is aimed at anyone who is seeking to make better decisions.

There are more books on GoodFood World and more coming every week. 
Get Cookin'

Kate's Ongoing Affair With Unpopular Produce

Kate Hilmer, our Good Food on a Budget correspondent, has a confession; she's having an affair. (Purely platonic, of course.) So far she's gotten "up close and personal" with three fall vegetables and provides recipes - and encouragement - to those who want to try them too.Brussels Sprouts


My Affair with Unpopular Produce, Episode 3: Brussels Sprouts   

Brussels sprouts are right up there with Lima beans on the list of vegetables people tend to despise. Kate had to find out if they were really so bad. How could they be, when they look so adorable?


My Affair with Unpopular Produce, Episode 2: Parsnips Parsnips

 Parsnips can be counted among the roots and tubers - they're closely related to carrots, no surprise considering their appearance. They're woodier though, with a distinct earthy flavor.  


And Kate makes "fries" out of them!


My Affair with Unpopular Produce, Episode 1: Red Cabbage   

Red Cabbage Red cabbage doesn't sell as well as green cabbage, and people are more likely to buy red if they only have to buy half a head. Poor red cabbage. 


Enjoy these cooking extravaganzas! There are more recipes on GoodFood World!

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Brooke Lucy, Bluebird Grain Farm


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