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What does farmland protection have to do with what's on your dinner table? Or maybe it should be put this way: What does what's on your dinner table have to do with farmland protection?


Think about it... Today, the typical American prepared meal contains, on average, ingredients from at least five countries outside the US. What if we had to grow our food "back home?"


According to American Farmland Trust, between 1982 and 2007, more than 23 million acres of America's agricultural land was lost to development. During that time the US population grew 30%, while developed land increased 57% - nearly twice as fast. Our food is in the path of that development: 91% of our fruit and 78% of our vegetables are now produced in "urban-influenced" areas.


PCC Farmland Trust is a local nonprofit organization whose mission is to "secure, preserve, and steward threatened farmland in the Northwest..." Rather than just establishing easements on rural lands, the Trust also works to place - and keep - farmers on the property to produce food for the local food system.


Jubilee Biodynamic Farm, Carnation WA, is the latest farm to be protected through the King County Farmland Preservation Program with help from the PCC Farmland Trust. Read why this is important to you, even if you don't live in Washington, in Preserving Our Farmland: PCC Farmland Trust and Jubilee Biodynamic Farm.


There's more, keep reading! Get a cup of coffee and join us at GoodFood World, where we get to the source by talking to the people who produce, process, and deliver good food.

Let food Be Thy Medicine...

From Ethiopia, Nicholas Parkinson, our Global Food Systems contributor, brings us another story about how urban gardens are giving new hope and life to people living with HIV/AIDS.


Ethiopian Urban GardensWhen Meaza Birhanu, 39, learned she was HIV positive seven years ago, she was already bed ridden surviving on food donations from the World Food Program. The death of her husband prompted her to get tested and she was convinced that her death was next.  


By mid-2010, Maeza took up her new vocation as an urban farmer, and her outlook changed dramatically. In May, the group - known as Kalehiwot - planted corn. The rains came, the crop grew, and bushels of corn were sold on the market.  


Learn how a dose of gardening can be the new social medicine, here.  

Reading List

Here are two terrific books about farmers just like Erick and Wendy Haakenson, Jubilee Biodynamic Farms. Read on...

Recipe for America Recipe for America: Why Our Food System Is Broken and What We Can Do to Fix It, Jill Richardson

In Recipe for America, food activist Jill Richardson shows how sustainable agriculture - where local farms produce food that is healthy for consumers and animals and does not damage the environment - offers the only solution to America's food crisis. In addition to highlighting the harmful conditions of industrial farming, this timely and necessary book details the rising grassroots food movement, which is creating an agricultural system that allows people to eat sustainably, locally, and seasonally.

Deeply RootedDeeply Rooted: Unconventional Farmers in the Age of Agribusiness, Lisa M. Hamilton

In this narrative nonfiction book Lisa Hamilton tells three stories, of an African-American dairyman in Texas who plays David to the Goliath of agribusiness corporations; a tenth-generation rancher in New Mexico struggling to restore agriculture as a pillar of his community; and a modern pioneer family in North Dakota breeding new varieties of plants to face the future's double threat: climate change and the patenting of life forms.


In unique ways, these "unconventional farmers" reject the passive role that modern agriculture has insisted they accept and instead reclaim their places as stewards of the land and leaders within society.


There are more books on GoodFood World and more coming every week. Enjoy! 
The A/V Department

Kelly Sanderbeck, PCC Farmland Trust Protecting Farmland in Washington  


Kelly Sanderbeck, Annual Fund Manager for PCC Farmland Trust, talks about the Trust and how they work with farms like Jubilee Biodynamic Farm, Carnation WA, to preserve farmland in Washington. Watch the video here


There are more videos on GoodFood World and more every week.  

Get Cookin'

Get Squashed!


SquashWhen you hear the word squash, do you say: "Yuck!" "Yum!" or "What do I do with it?"


Ina Denburg, our Health and Wellness columnist, knows exactly what to do with squash! In fact, she fixed a meal entirely - well, almost entirely - of squash and pumpkin. Her menu included 6 varieties of squash and a cheese pumpkin. (That's a new one on me!)


If you've ever faced this fall vegetable and been at a loss for how to celebrate its beauty and versatility, Ina says get Squashed!


My Affair With Unpopular Produce

Red CabbageKate Hilmer, our Good Food on a Budget correspondent, has a confession; she's having an affair. (Purely platonic, of course.) Here's what she has to say:


I'm from a generation that grew up with a meat-and-potatoes mindset. A is for apple... not artichoke or arugula. We didn't eat those strange fruits and vegetables because we didn't think that we should, or maybe we didn't really know it was an option.


The good news is that variety is making a comeback. People are learning all about heirloom tomatoes, local berries, and new varieties of beets and squash - at farmers markets, in restaurants, and at home. We are seeking out the wallflowers and asking them to dance.

how red cabbage became Kate's new best friend!


Enjoy these cooking extravaganzas! There are more recipes on GoodFood World!

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