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Customer Service
The Nuances That Create Customer Service... or Customer Nightmares
by Sandy Geroux, M.S., WOWplace International, LLC

Sandy Geroux
With all the customer service knowledge, advice, articles, blog posts and other tools out there available for us to use, you'd think customer service would be improving as a general rule. There are "pockets" of exceptional customer service, with some companies doing an incredible job much of the time, as well as others that have moments of brilliance in this area. But overall, something is going dramatically wrong with service in many companies.
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Yelp's Top 100 Places to Eat in the US for 2016: Fast Track to a Food Coma

Ahh, eating. One of life's simple pleasures, and a human experience that transcends cultures and language barriers. The pursuit of good food has the power to bring all kinds of people in all kinds of places together in a shared mission....to stuff our faces with the best damn thing we can find to eat! We should know. Millions of people use Yelp in more than 30 countries to search for and share experiences at all kinds of restaurants, food stands, delis, izakayas, food trucks, and more.   Full Article  

Executive Movements

Smashburger Appoints Michael Nolan As New Chief Development Officer
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Jamba Inc. named Carrabba's Italian Grill president David Pace the company's new CEO.
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LPQ hires Doug Satzman as US Chief Executive
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Johnny Rockets Hires Susanne Marie Stover as New Chief Financial Officer.
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Los Angeles Based Chain 9021Pho Announces New Chief Operating Officer Ric Gordon.
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Yum! Brands, Inc. announced the appointment of Justin Skala to its Board of Directors.
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Financial Overview

Wendy's Co. reported preliminary fourth-quarter profit that beat expectations.  Full Article 

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. Q4 2015 Revenue Down 6.8%.  Full Article 

Worldwide system sales grew 6%. Worldwide restaurant margin increased 3.4 percentage points to 13.6%.  Full Article 

Starbucks Delivers Records Q1 Revenues and EPS.  Full Article 

Red Robin Reports Preliminary Results for the Fiscal Fourth Quarter of 2015. 
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East Coast Wings & Grill Achieves 12 Consecutive Years of Positive Same Store Sales. 
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"Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don't wish it were easier; wish you were better." 

- Jim Rohn

The No Tipping Trend
by Bob Gershberg, CEO/Managing Partner Wray Executive Search
Bob Gershberg

Whom am I to argue with Meyer, Colicchio and Chang? It seems, however, damned near un-American to eliminate the discretionary gratuity in the restaurant arena. A few short years back, I lied about my age to get that first waiter's job in a cool 70's suburban New York steakhouse, barn wood walls, open kitchen, salad bars and all. We were young, hardworking, hard-partying and admittedly a bit crazy. Clad in our red cummerbunds and blue velvet bowties, we lived a life that would make Bourdain blush. We learned the world of customer service, ran hard, kissed butt and made a lot of money. Full Article 
Reader's Corner
Top Seven Tips to Improve Your Presence
by Rebecca Patt, SVP Development, Wray Executive Search
Rebecca Patt

What is presence? According to best-selling author, speaker, and Harvard social science professor Amy Cuddy, presence is an infectious sense of confidence, ease, and enthusiasm that we can harness to meet challenging personal and professional situations with poise and success.  Full Article 
Reading Restaurant Results Properly
by John A. Gordon, principal and founder of Pacific Management Consulting Group
John A. Gordon

Many of you know I've been working complex restaurant analytical roles and engagements since the early 1980s. I've seen over that time, advances in restaurant management systems, technology and data gathering has expanded exponentially. Restaurants today of course are complex blend of people, brand building and management systems bundled together; the outgrowth of this is numbers have become incredibly important. Unfortunately, a series of suboptimal restaurant analytical viewpoints, reporting and practices continue to be seen. The same issues seem to carry over from decade to decade. Such perspectives result in confusion; lack of lessons learned and misdirected effort. Here are five that I see regularly, and suggested solutions are posed.  Full Article 
Talent Matters
A Case Study on Psychographic Assessments in the Restaurant Industry.
by Tom Rollert, Vice President of Culture Integration, Wray Executive Search
Tom Rollert

At Wray Executive Search we utilize psychographic assessments in select searches for C-Level and corporate officer level candidates. We have selected the assessments provided by Profiles International, a Wiley Publishing subsidiary as our tools. While we're not in the business of "selling" assessment products, I think it is worthwhile to review the following case study commissioned by Profiles International. The ProfileXT is an assessment we have confidence in for all leadership levels, while the Step One Survey and Customer Service Profile can be used with great effect for all level of team members in our business. The following text is reprinted with the permission of Profiles International. If you have any questions concerning these tools, give me a call or drop me an email. I'd be happy to go into further detail with you.  Full Article 
Promises for the Future: 5 Ways to Set Goals as a Team
by Laura Stack

Laura Stack
Team wide goal setting is crucial if you expect to maximize and maintain your productivity. Your team members must always be clear about what your goals are, and how you'll get there; that should be a given. But realize that some of your team members will have a better understanding of goal-setting than others, so it's up to you to make sure they all stay on the same wavelength.
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