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   March 4, 2014

This Week's News:
President's Note: Is Your Root Cause Analysis Adequate?
Investigations & Accidents | Lessons Learned: Pilots Complain of Fatigue Before Fatal Crash | Remembering an Accident | Tenerife Runway Collision | How Far Away is Death? | Motivational Video
Career Development: 6 Questions to Advance Your Career Right Now | Career Opportunities for People with TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Skills
Prize Drawing for a Free T-Shirt! Have You Been to a TapRooT® Course or the Summit? Then You Are Eligible!
2014 Global TapRooT® Summit: Attention all Golfers! Time to Sign up for the Charity Golf Tournament | Room Block at Horseshoe Bay Resort EXPIRES March 7 - Secure the Best Rate Now!
TapRooT® Around the World: International Course Listing | Course Photos
Weekly Wisdom for Root Cause Analysis
J.O.K.E. of the Week: Tug of War
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5-Day TapRooT� Advanced Root Cause Analysis Team Leader Training in the US, Canada & Mexico


5-DayTapRooT� Advanced Root Cause Analysis Team Leader Training is ideal for the representative of a company that is ready to implement the TapRooT� System. 


The 5-day course includes essential TapRooT� Root Cause Analysis Techniques, Advanced Techniques & TapRooT� Software. Trainees learn all the techniques needed to lead difficult investigations.

5-Day TapRooT� Advanced Root Cause Analysis Team Leader Training
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2-Day TapRooT� Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis Courses in the US, Canada & Mexico


Learn the TapRooT Root Cause Analysis essentials to find and fix the root causes of incidents, accidents, quality problems, near-misses, operational errors, hospital sentinel events and other types of problems in just 2 days!

 2-Day TapRooT� Advanced Root Cause Analysis Team Leader Training
Click image for 2-Day TapRooT� Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis Training Dates in North America

 & Equifactor Techniques are designed to help investigators troubleshoot equipment problems to get the information they need to find and fix the root causes of equipment related failures once and for all. 

Equipment Troubleshooting
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Equifactor� Equipment Troubleshooting Training

President's Question
Dear TapRooT� Friends & Experts:

Is Your Root Cause Analysis Adequate?


How do you know if your root cause analysis is adequate? Read the article on page 3 of the March Root Cause Network™ Newsletter and find out! Get your copy of the newsletter at:




What else can you learn in this edition? 


 * What's Right and What's Wrong with Human Performance Tools (Page 1)


 * Why Do Supervisors Produce Bad Investigations? (Page 2)


 * How Should You Target Your Investigations? (Page 2)


 * What's Wrong with Your Trending? (Page 2)


 * Admiral Rickover's Face-the-Facts Philosophy (Page 2)


 * Proactive Use of TapRooT� (Page 3)


 * Stop Slips, Trips, and Falls (Page 3)


 * Risk Management Best Practices (Page 3)


 * Upcoming TapRooT� Courses Around the World (Page 4)


 * What Can You Learn at the 2014 Global TapRooT� Summit? (Page 5, 6, & 7)


Plus there's more ... an article you really should read and act upon! See the article on Page 3: "Are you Missing an Important Meeting?" 


Why should you read that article among all the others? Here's the first paragraph:


"What if you missed a meeting and it caused someone to die. Or maybe you lost your job if you weren't there? Or your company lost millions of dollars because you simply didn't attend a three-day meeting. Would you make sure that you were there?"


If those questions don't grab your attention, what will?


Go here for the March Root Cause Network™ Newsletter:




Print it and read it from cover to cover! 


You'll be glad you did. (And you'll find that there are several actions you will be compelled to take.)

Best regards and I hope to see you at one of our courses or at the Summit.



Mark Paradies
President, System Improvements, Inc.
The TapRooT� Folks 
Web: http://www.taproot.com
LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/markparadies

Investigations and Accidents | Lessons Learned
Here are some recent stories from around the world.

Court Hearing Reveals Pilots Complained of Fatigue Before Fatal Crash: A Cargo plane crashed and burst into flames short of the runway on approach to airport. (Read more.)

Motivational Video: Unstoppable (View video.) 

Remembering an Accident: 1981 Louisville, Kentucky Sewer Explosion. (Read more.)

Tenerife Runway Collision: (View video.) 

How Far Away is Death? (View photo.)

Career Development
6 Questions to Advance Your Career Right Now


Do you ever review old reports you wrote, important e-mails you sent, big projects you completed and cringe? Reviewing past work can be a little scary, but an honest self-evaluation can be a great opportunity to advance your career development.


A lot of employers send the message that, "If I don't say anything to you, then you are doing a good job." But this doesn't do much for your career advancement and development. In fact, this kind culture can really make you feel stuck. And why do we give so much credit to what someone else says about our work anyway? We should avoid letting the comments of others define our potential and capabilities. And we should avoid giving someone else all of the responsibility for our own advancement. (Read more.)


More Career Opportunities for People with TapRooT� Root Cause Analysis Skills   


Read more recent job postings for candidates with root cause analysis skills on the Root Cause Analysis Blog (view openings), and join the ranks of qualified candidates by registering for an advanced root cause analysis course (view global course listing). 


Have You Been to a TapRooT� Course or the Summit?

If you've spent time with us, you learned pretty quickly that we like to give away prizes in our courses and at the Summit. 

And if you've been to a TapRooT� Course or the Summit, you are eligible to win some more fun stuff! We'll be drawing weekly to give away free t-shirts, so find out how you can get your name in the drawing. (Learn drawing details.)


2014 Global TapRooT� Summit

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Register your spouse for $100!  There are lots of best practice sessions your spouse will enjoy. (Learn more.)

Learn more about the Summit: http://www.taproot.com/taproot-summit

REGISTER for the Summit today: Register here!

TapRooT� Around the World
Many of our friends and experts work at facilities that have a global presence. TapRooT� has a global presence too.  There are many training options available globally. 

Oceania: 2-Day | 5-Day | 3-Day

Asia: 2-Day | 5-Day | 3-Day

Africa2-Day | 5-Day | 3-Day

Europe2-Day | 5-Day | 3-Day

Middle East: 2-Day | 5-Day | 3-Day

South America: 2-Day | 5-Day | 3-Day

North America: 2-Day | 5-Day | 3-Day

South America
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Weekly Wisdom for Root Cause Analysis
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J.O.K.E. of the Week


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