"We were truly blessed to be a part of the camp weekend; everyone was overwhelmingly open and kind to all of us. Our kids ask all the time to go back to Special Needs Family Camp, it is a magical experience."

Parent participant of our INCLUDE Special Needs Family Camp Weekend

Every year during INCLUDE's Special Needs Family Camp weekend, I am in awe of the loving, supportive, caring community created by our families, and every year I wish it didn't have to end. This year, thanks to the generosity of the Jewish Federation and Jewish Community Foundation of the East Bay, we were able to extend the warm, inclusive camp experience to campers and newcomers at a Winter Reunion held in Berkeley at Congregation Netivot Shalom.   


I watched our tight-knit community instantly open to embrace a whole new set of families. I watched parents just starting the journey with their child(ren) with special needs come to tears as they discussed their stresses, challenges, and joys, and I watched parents who have been on their journey for many years freely offer them wisdom, hugs, and advice. Instant connections were made.

Immediately afterward a new parent told me "this is exactly the community we have been looking for." Her relief and joy were palpable. In that moment, Berkeley was just as magical as the Santa Rosa Mountains.


During National Jewish Disabilities Awareness Month and all year round, we join our colleagues across the nation and right here in the Bay Area in the important work of making inclusion of individuals with special needs an everyday reality in the Jewish community. We believe that with the right resources and support, every preschool, day school, synagogue, and community center can be magical too.


To support this important work, consider making a contribution today.

David Neufeld, Ph.D.
Director of INCLUDE
Jewish LearningWorks



Everyone in God's Image:
A Conference on Inclusion and Disabilities in our Jewish Community

Participate in the work of creating a more inclusive community!  We ask educators, Rabbis, administrators, parents and beyond to share this invitation with their friends and colleagues.

Inspiring Conversations
Illuminating Breakout Sessions 
Parallel Programs for Kids

Contact David Neufeld  for info or to RSVP



February 2015 / 5775



February 8th - 11th
5:00PM and 7:00PM 
The Curriculum Initiative (TCI), a program of Jewish LearningWorks is proud to co-sponsor Havana Curveball, a heart-warming coming-of-age story about an ordinary American teenager who faces extraordinary challenges. 

Wednesday, February 11 
7:15PM - 8:30PM

Wednesdays through February 25th, connect all levels of being - mind, body, heart and soul - in this gentle, grounding Iyengar-based yoga series rooted in Jewish mystical teachings.


Thursday, February 12 
10:30AM - 11:30AM
Part of our series on bringing innovative change to part time Jewish education.  Presented as part of our membership in Shinui: The Network for Innovation in Part-Time Jewish Education. 
Thursday, February 12
7:00PM - 8:30PM
Explore two classic comedic films made during World War II, both set in Europe and featuring explicitly Jewish characters.

Sunday, February 22
10:30AM - 11:00AM
A lively show for kids from dup Ilan and Peter. Mitz Petel (Raspberry Juice) is based on the beloved Israeli children's story.
Sunday, February 22
2:00PM - 3:30PM
Jim Van Buskirk facilitates a lively discussion about Petropolis, by Anya Ulinich.

8:30AM - 4:30PM

For anyone interested in participating in the work of creating a more inclusive community. Please share this invitation far and wide.



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