The rabbis often compare the Torah and study to light.  A small light dispels total darkness.  One small flame can ignite many others.  Fire illuminates but must be handled responsibly.  This Hannukah we've highlighted links to some websites we use in our own homes, with our own families, links that illuminate our lives.  This year as the candles of our hannukiot burn, may we add to that light with study, a good book, a fun game, and learning for the entire family.  


If you have a favorite resource to share, please email us back so we can include it in our ever-growing online Toolkit.


We'll send another message with any additional links we collect next week to our network of Bay Area Jewish educators through our email listserv, EduList.  If you are an educator, but are not already signed up, please register today!  Otherwise, bookmark our DIY Holiday Guide.  Either way, read on for resources.

Chag sameach!

Rabbi Yoshi Fenton
Associate Director, Jewish LearningWorks
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Visit our Hannukah vault online, where we've aggregated the go-to resources from across the Jewish web. We have a special page just for educators along with a comprehensive list of books on loan from our Jewish Community Library and a special needs resource bank.  For the crafty and creative type, our Pinterest board is a font of inspiration. 

Want more?  We recommend the links below:

Mechon Hadar's new website and learning portal is a wonderful addition to the community of online resources available.  

For blessings, craft project ideas, and Latke recipes check out Jewish Community Project

Struggling with the December Dilemma?  Interfaith family is a great resource to unpack complicated family dynamics during the holiday season.

For alternative ways to connect, check out Ritualwell!

Always good to check in with PJ Library before the holidays.

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