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With Thanks-giv-ukkah just days away, I would like to wish you a bright and savory (or sweet) Chanukah and Thanksgiving!  


Please read through this newsletter for some wonderful things happening in our community for teens. Remember that you are welcome to submit job postings and or program annoucements here as well.  


Our next Teen Educator Network meeting is on Tuesday, January 14 from 9:15 am - 12:30pm at Jewish LearningWorks (601 14th Avenue)


The topic for this session is: "Strengthening Jewish Pride"

This workshop will be led by Maggid Jonathan Furst, Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation (JPEF) Education Manager. Learn how to transform student perceptions and foster a more positive sense of Jewish identity through the history of Jewish armed and unarmed resistance - in as little as 30 minutes. 


This workshop will give you the tools and knowledge to use Strengthening Jewish Pride to lead one 30-45 minute activity with your teens. We'll also show you how to integrate this activity with your other lesson plans and curriculum to create longer units with a focus on Jewish pride and identity.  Recommended for 6th-12th grade in nearly any Jewish context, including History, Holidays, Jewish Values, Leadership and B'nai Mitzvah/Youth group programs. 

Participant receive free curriculum, posters, a DVD of short films and other materials for your classroom. RSVPs are greatly appreciated.


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 Gobble Gobble and Hag Chanukat Sameach,

Ariana Estoque 


You can contact me at: aestoque@Jewishlearningworks.org or at 415-751-2541 x307 


Upcoming Teen Network Meetings 

All meetings will be held at Jewish LearningWorks (601 14th Avenue at Balboa)
9:00 am - 12:30 pm and include bagels and lunch.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Persuasive Communication and Listening; led by the fantastic

Nina Kaufman

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Work/Life Balance


June 2014 - Planning and Evaluation Meeting: Looking forward. All participants are welcome to join the conversation to pick the dates and topics for next year's meetings. 

RSVP directly to me (Ariana) at aestoque@jewishlearningworks.org. Thank you.

Job Openings/Info For Teen Educators



The Tauber Holocaust Educator Fellowship is an advanced professional development opportunity for dedicated Holocaust educators. Its goal is to convene and support an elite cadre of Holocaust education professionals, so that they in turn can inspire, educate and deliver innovative, high-quality Holocaust programming in their communities.


Through intensive study, critical colleagueship and project based learning, The Tauber Holocaust Educator Fellowship will empower Fellows to envision, create and implement innovative Holocaust initiatives while expanding their knowledge and collaborative partnerships in the Bay Area and Israel.


The Tauber Fellowship will:

  •  provide a high level professional development opportunity for Fellows at Yad VaShem's International Summer Seminarin Jerusalem, Israel
  •  provide a program grant of up to $2,000 to design and implement a new school and/or community initiative on the Holocaust
  •  require Fellows to attend one weekend retreat and quarterly cohort meetings to shape programmatic ideas into concrete projects for schools and/or communities

Applicants must have a minimum of 5 years' experience in teaching about the Holocaust and a demonstrated commitment to innovation in Holocaust education. A program fee of $350.00 covers the cost of the Yad VaShem seminar, air transportation to and from Israel, and hotel.Applications are due by December 15. 


To request an application, please contact:  Adrian Schrek, Director of TCI

aschrek@jewishlearningworks.org 415.751.6983 x122




Mandel Center for Jewish Education is actively recruiting top Jewish educators for JCC resident camps for Summer 2014. They are looking for creative, dynamic educators who understand the value and power of overnight camp and can help facilitate thriving Jewish learning environments in these pluralistic settings.  

Contact: Matt Abrams Gerber | Assistant Vice President, Mandel Center for Jewish Education  at 212-710-6434 or at

NEXT is hiring! A three-year grant-funded position to develop, train, and transform a cohort of engagement professionals from local organizations into "Jewish Journey Guides" for Birthrighters who will catalyze new opportunities for young Jewish adults and to connect them to current communal offerings. This individual will report directly to Adam Pollack, Western Regional Director, and will be based out of NEXT's San Francisco office. Please send resume/cover letter directly to me at adam.pollack@birthrightisraelnext.org





Surveying Youth Directors about their salaries, benefits and responsibilities:

Filling out this form will enable youth directors everywhere (including you!) to have more information when negotiating terms of employment. Knowledge is power. Results of this study will be published at 
www.youthdepartments.com, by June 2014. You can also request to be receive email notification of the results by sending an email to shira@youthdepartments.com.   

Thank you for helping to professionalize the youth directing field.



Do you have an event/educator workshop you want publicized?
Are you looking for new employees?
 Send this information to aestoque@jewishlearningworks.org.

Upcoming Opportunity For Students!



Composition & Choreography

8th - 12th Grade Movement Class at the JCCSF

January - May 2014


This weekly workshop will empower young dancers to explore the process of choreography, guide them to develop their own movement style and voice, and gain confidence as dancers and artists. Through movement studies, weekly concepts, solo and small group work, students will explore what it means to create one's own movement vocabulary and venture through space. This workshop is for beginning - advanced dancers, and will culminate in an informal performance.

Learning how to express and explore concepts through movement encourages the following:

         An improved ability to think in an abstract manner

         Greater confidence as an artist and/or in one's body

         Creativity and problem-solving

         Improved communication skills

         A healthy way to move and dance

         A fun way to spend time with friends and other movers

For more information or to sign up, contact Stephanie Reisfeld, Teen Program Coordinator, at 415-292-1249 or at sreisfeld@jccsf.org



Pray With Your Feet: Service Learning Trip to New Orleans


The Teen department at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco is launching an exciting new service learning opportunity for high school students centered on a service trip to New Orleans, Louisiana. The trip is supplemented by preliminary, immersive learning sessions on social justice and New Orleans history and will culminate in a mixed media project to be presented at the end of the program.  It is called Pray With Your Feet: New Orleans Service Learning Experience and is an application-based program. Learning sessions begin in December 2013 and the trip will take place April 3-6 2014. The link to the application, which will be available soon, is here: www.jccsf.org/gensf.

Lauren Greenberg is happy to present this wonderful opportunity to your teens and would be happy to accommodate your program's busy schedule.

For any additional questions or information, please do not hesitate to contact Lauren Greenberg, Coordinator of the San Francisco Teen Outreach Program at 415-292-1299 x1104 or at lgreenberg@jccsf.org.





Positive Parenting:  A three-session pilot series 


Feel better about the relationship you have with your teen. 

Join parents of Jewish children in middle and high school for an interactive, idea-packed, supportive parenting group.Together we will focus on such themes as the art of listening and asking powerful questions with a look at the Jewish perspective on these topics. Walk away with tools to connect more easily with your teen.
  • Wednesday November 20, 12:45-3:00pm
  • Thursday December 5, 9:15-11:30am
  • Wednesday December 11, 12:45-3:00pm

 At Jewish LearningWorks 601 - 14th Ave, SF 


About our Educators: Nina Kaufman and Elana Reinin are parents and CTI certified coaches with over 15 years of experience. Bringing compassion, expertise and creativity to parents' lives, they teach, listen, invite sharing, and encourage practicing new skills. 


Contact Elana and Nina for more information or to RSVP at 




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