November 2012 / Kislev 5773
Dear Friends,

In his song, Elohai, Israeli singer-songwriter Kobi Oz wrote about

"This great synagogue called the Land of Israel
Where everyone is welcome to look up at the heavens,
pray for rain, and watch out for missiles."

Oz, like many Israeli artists, was commenting on the existential reality of Israeli life, where
lethal attacks from bombs and missiles can be commonplace, coexisting with the practicalities
of everyday life ("pray for rain") and inspiring spirituality ("look up at the heavens").
"Watch out for missiles" has been all too real for many Israelis living in close proximity
to Gaza, and now, as Hamas rocket power has grown, tragically, for a larger portion of the

After hundreds of rockets were launched from Gaza into civilian areas in southern Israel, the
Israel Defense Forces responded with targeted attacks on Hamas military operations. Hamas
responded to Israel's response with further rocket attacks against Israeli civilian targets. As I
write this, three Israeli civilians were killed when a Hamas rocket hit their home; seven Hamas
military combatants and four Palestinian civilians were killed in Gaza from Israel's response.


Here at Jewish LearningWorks, we have created a space for educators to share information with each other, and discuss how we can best address these issues in our teaching and with 
our students.
The link below will take you to our educators' discussion forum within the Jewish 
LearningWorks network.  We developed this discussion forum so that educators could share 
resources and engage in conversations about teaching strategies and practices; you can also 
use it to share information and resources as the situation continues to develop over time. 

is intended for educators, anyone can join, as it contains valuable educational resources for 
conversations about the current crisis in the Middle East. 
We are also sharing some background information and educational resources about the 
conflict.  As conditions change and develop, we will be adding to these resources at our 
educators discussion forum.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Israel and all peace-loving people in the
region, seeking safety from harm's way.  

David Waksberg     

CEO, Jewish LearningWorks


Below are a few resources to help you talk about this crisis in your classroom.*  


Join the discussion on our forum or click here for educational resources. 

*Several of these resources were created between 2009 and 2010. They remain relevant and informative to today's current situation, and are some of the best materials available for educators.

 Our Jewish Community Federation and other Federations across the country have opened a Terror Relief Fund to raise immediate dollars to help those in harm's way - those whose lives and property have already been damaged/destroyed; the housebound elderly; and more than 23,000 children who have been displaced in bomb shelters for the last 72 hours and need immediate relief.

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