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October 2012
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Solving the Social Media and Marketing Puzzle
Share Your Phi Sig Story!
I am NOT a Baby
Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation Scholarship
Sister, Friend, Roommate
Chapter Eternal
Friendly HQ Reminders  
Nov. 1 Deadline
  • Spring marketing & communications plan
  • Fall recruitment wrap-up
  • Spring recruitment plan 
  • Spring goals 
  • Fraternity dues and convention tax

    Dec.1 Deadline
  • Insurance
  • All members enter service and philanthropy hours and leadership hours
  • Submit personal wellness event, anti-hazing program, lifelong learning program and spring calendar (created online)
  • SDCs
  • Enter NM into website 48 hours after bid day 
  • Change NMs to Collegians one week prior to initiation or as soon as they have met requirements (NM fees and acknowledge policies online)  
  • Use licensed vendors
  • Enter your bid day date online

    Dear ,


    The fall semester is well underway and I hope it is going well for each of you! This issue of Phi Sig Savvy is dedicated to thinking about the future of Phi Sigma Sigma.


    From information on the 100th anniversary history book, to the appropriate names to call our new members (the future of Phi Sigma Sigma), to how we should market ourselves to maintain a positive image, it is important to remember our current decisions influence the longevity of Phi Sigma Sigma. YOU are the focus and the driving force behind Phi Sig's future.


    The Phi Sigma Sigma staff, Supreme Council, volunteers and Foundation have been working diligently to prepare for the next year! 


    Leadership Conference 2013 dates:

    • Jan. 25-27, 2013
    • March 1-3, 2013  


    Convention dates:

    • July 10-14, 2013. 


    Stay tuned for more information (i.e., what chapters will attend each LC, registration, cost, etc.) over the next few months! 


    Just a few housekeeping reminders - be sure to check the "Friendly HQ Reminders" section (to the left) for updates on when important items are due to Phi Sigma Sigma!


    I am so proud of where our organization is headed! As we build to our walls, let's remember to always represent Phi Sigma Sigma with the highest integrity and accountability.


    Diokete Hupsula!



    Michelle Ardern
    Executive Director
    Solving the Social Media and Marketing Puzzle
    How you can successfully utilize social media and effectively market Phi Sigma Sigma


    Throughout time, Phi Sigma Sigma has perpetuated our history and tradition through our implementation of programming, learning platforms, philanthropic endeavors and most recently, through our technological advancements. Phi Sigma Sigma's technological advancements set our organization apart from others. 


    In less than a decade, social media has become integrated into our personal and professional lives. According to a news report from InSites Consulting, nearly 100 percent of Internet users surveyed in 19 countries are aware of Facebook.


    In the poll, seven of 10 Internet users are members of at least one social network. On average, people join one to three social networks, the report found. The majority have profiles on two sites, usually Facebook and Twitter or LinkedIn. The results suggest that about 1.5 billion people around the world use social networking sites. More than half of them access these sites on smart phones.


    We know that people are utilizing social media. With that said, it is time to talk about the most effective ways to market ourselves via social media. Read more>

    Share Your Phi Sigma Sigma Story!

    Phi Sigma Sigma encourages sisters to share their story and be a part of history


    Phi Sigma Sigma has partnered with Harris Connect Publishing Co. of Chesapeake, VA., to publish a history book to celebrate our 100th anniversary. Harris will help produce a beautiful hardcover publication that will allow you to reconnect with old friends, reflect with sisters on the past 100 years of sisterhood and network professionally.


    Harris Connect Publishing began its mailing and phone call campaign recently to contact as many members  for verification of information and to offer you the ability to share your Phi Sigma Sigma story.


    Members should expect post cards from Harris requesting verification of graduate information, including class year, college achievements, current work trade and Phi Sigma Sigma experience.


    Although all members will be listed in the directory, no one is under any obligation to purchase a history book; in fact, your story and experience will still be included. We thank you in advance for your participation!

    I am NOT a Baby 
    Continue to strengthen the future of Phi Sigma Sigma by calling our new members what they are.

    The beginning of the semester is a time to prepare for the new academic year, and for most of our chapters it is also a time to recruit new, enthusiastic, young women into the sisterhood of Phi Sigma Sigma.


    We are so excited about the growth our organization has seen over the past couple of years! However, a term has begun to emerge amongst Greek life that we feel does not accurately identify a newest members of Phi Sigma Sigma. Recently, many sororities have seen an increase in the trending term "babies" being used to refer to our new members. While, we know the reasoning behind it is innocent, calling your new members "babies" is not in line with what our organization represents. Read more>

    A Chapter Educational Fund Supports a Sister's Goal

    With a Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation scholarship many sisters are able to fulfill educational goals


    "Winning this scholarship from Phi Sigma Sigma means the world to me. Not only does it allow me to accomplish the goals which I have set for myself, but it means that my sisters believe in me and believe that I have the power to achieve great things. You believe that I am able to honor the name of Phi Sigma Sigma through academic excellence and achievement and through my endeavors abroad. I aim high in all that I do and I appreciate your consideration of myself for this scholarship." - Maddie Mann, Gamma Tau Chapter at Northern Kentucky University, Chapter Educational Fund Scholarship Recipient


    Maddie's chapter established a Chapter Educational Fund to award scholarships to its chapter members (collegians and alumnae).  Having a Chapter Educational Fund guarantees a scholarship each year for a qualified Gamma Tau member.


    Click here to see how your chapter can establish their own Chapter Educational Fund!


    For additional questions about Chapter Educational Funds or anything Foundation, please contact us at

    Sister, Friend, Roommate

    Great advice on living with sisters or friends


    Phi Sigma Sigma student affairs graduates say, "the number one reason for roommate disputes is a lack of communication." It sounds simple, we know, but the best way to solve a conflict is to talk about it!

    Here are a few things to keep in mind:
     1. Plan ahead
    "If my roommates are not as clean as I thought they would be, it is important that I...?"
    2. Talk to your roommate when frustrated
    Waiting to discuss issues could cause the problem to escalate. It is better to talk about the issue right away, rather than waiting until you are angry or frustrated.
    3. Be open to compromise
    Remember, it is her room or apartment too. Hear each other's side of the story and then find common ground so both of you will be happy.
    4. Seek out help from others
    If you live on-campus, contact your Residential Assistant about the issues you might be having. If you live off-campus, contact an outside and unbiased source. Both should be able to mediate the situation.

    Chapter Eternal

    University of Michigian - Flint member passes into chapter eternal


    Phi Sigma Sigma has learned of the death of a collegian, Ariel Black, from our chapter at the University of Michigan - Flint. Ariel passed away in a tragic car accident on the morning of Oct. 12.


    Ariel was initiated into the Theta Iota Chapter in November 2009. She was a senior at the University of Michigan - Flint and was studying early childhood education. Ariel had a love for children and community involvement.


    "Ariel was a kind-hearted young woman who truly aimed high in all that she did. She was not only a beloved sister but a dear friend, and we are all better people for having known her. We will remember her sense of humor, smile and the endless love she had for all who crossed her path," said Chapter President Rebecca Flaig.