What You Need to Know About the New Benchmarking Requirements
In 2008, the ENERGY STAR Benchmarking Law went into affect in the District of Columbia; the first in the Nation to require building owners to annually disclosure their ENERGY STAR  scores.  Now, in 2015, local jurisdictions nationwide, including Montgomery County, Maryland have instituted mandatory benchmarking for certain classes of commercial buildings, with mandatory reporting to city or county governments, to improve transparency in commercial real estate markets.

Benchmarking is an essential first step on the road to achieving:
  • lower operating costs
  • a reduced environmental footprint
  • higher asset valuation, freeing up scarce funds for better use
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    July 1, 2015
The ENERGY STAR score is the equivalent of the "miles per gallon" label on new cars, empowering owners with the knowledge of how much bang they're getting for each energy buck they spend. 
Benchmark your  building by July 1, 2015 in Montgomery County & in addition to discovering your energy efficiency, you'll receive public recognition from the County via press releases and a recognition event in the Fall of 2015. 
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