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Spring, 2013


John Wagner Photo
Photo above by John Wagner
 The Grand Duke of SWB

Welcome to the first edition of the Three Amigos of Sand Wash Basin Newsletter, dedicated to bringing you the latest adventures and news as the three of us travel and photograph the wild Mustangs at Sand Wash Basin in NW Colorado. We are also going to layout the Three Amigos of Sand Wash Basin Wild Horse Youth Outreach program in this issue.
Upcoming Event:
On Friday May 3 in Craig, Colorado the Moffat County Tourism Association will host a "Meet and Greet" for the Three Amigos from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm at the Tourism office at 1111 West Victory Way, Craig, CO behind the Village Inn on Hwy 40. For more information call the Moffat County Tourism office at 970-824-2335 or

This will be the same weekend of the Sombrero Ranches- Great American Horse Drive

and if you haven't been to this great event, well you need to,
make plans to go
and see nearly 1,000 horses from Sombrero Ranch driven from their winter grazing pastures and run right down the middle of Highway 40 through the tiny town of Maybell, Colorado. This has been a tradition in Moffat County for over 50 years. There will be door prize drawings for two of my (Amigo Patrick Brennan) 16 x20 limited edition prints- one of "Corona the Magnificent" and my first of Cherokee and Prancer- "Stallions on a Hill."


3 Amigos Kids Class
Amigos Joe Tosh and John Wagner read to a grade school class from the Three Amigos of SWB Book in

Dinosaur, CO 




Three Amigos of SWB Wild Horse Your Outreach Program- What is it?

We are putting together volunteer groups of wild horse lovers all across the nation, to directly work with teachers by taking a presentation package of materials about the wild Mustangs in America on a previously arranged day with the local grade school teacher or school. Target ages are 5 to 10 year old's. Older age presentations will be developed in the future.The  presentation will be given in tandem with a lesson plan the teacher already has scheduled for their classroom. The materials package will include the following: A children's book about a real wild horse at Sand Wash Basin, Colorado, a professionally produced DVD presentation on the wild horses of America and a picture puzzle of actual wild Mustangs that the kids can put together in class. All the materials will be left with the school for future use with other presentations by their own teachers or area volunteers that are part of this program.

Currently there are five of the top wild horse artist working on the illustrations and drawings for the children's book, as well as a children's writer, working on the writing. We look to have it finished by the end of the summer, along with the professionally produced DVD.

If you want to help with this Wild Horse Youth Outreach Program as a volunteer
 by contacting a teacher and/or school in your area, than we need to hear from you. Please send me an e-mail at and put in the subject line RE: 3 Amigo Youth Volunteer


Kissy Book Cover
Cover Designed By David Gordon
Meet The Key Volunteers of the Children's Book
Three Amigos of Sand Wash Basin Present- The Story of Kissy.

Artist & Writers

Rachel Dubber, Cape Town, South Africa 


International Irish artist Rachel Dubber's work is driven by a lifelong passion for

Artist Rachel Dubber
horses and animals. Growing up in the West of Ireland and spending vast amounts of time on her grandparent's farm had a profound influence on Rachel and her love for nature.  Her background and experience with horses is evident in her detailed portraits and each artwork conveys the emotion with which she creates it. Check her Blog Out. She is also the artist that painted Kissy image for the cover of the Children's Book. 



Christina Hastings, Utah   
Christina Hastings Artist
 Christina is s a self-taught artist from Northern Utah. She grew up loving the outdoors and all types of animals. At a very early age Christina had a strong passion for horses, a passion that is still growing stronger. Her drawing began around the age of 5 and she hasn't been able to stop since! She states that she will strive to inspire and create my artwork in whatever ways possible.
Visit Christina at her Face Book  



Karen McLain, Arizona  Artist Karen McClean

Karen, an Arizona native, grew up with the outdoors as the backdrop for her adventurous spirit. With a preference for being outdoors, painting landscapes and horses was a natural choice. Ms. McLain studied art at Arizona State University, earning a degree in Studio Art and she also studied at the Scottsdale Artist's School.  You can get further information about Karen and her work by visiting her at her website: 

Linda L. Martin, Virginia Artist Linda L Martin

Linda is an Independent Artist living in the middle of Virginia's Horse Country. She has painted Equine and Rural Virginia Country Life since 1979.  Linda hopes to educate the public, document the heritage of the Mustang in America and reconnect average Americans to their Living Horse Heritage.Linda's Website:

Melody Perez, New Mexico Artist Melody Perez

Melody Perez Artist, Singer & Songwriter. Ms. Perez resides full time on the Monero Mustang Sanctuary in Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico. Surrounded by her beloved wild Mustangs, she can pursue her artistic passions in art and music, as well as advocating for the wild horse.  Melody's website at www.  

Children's Book Writer
Writer Carol McLean
Carol McLaren, Richmond, VA


Several years in the publication business of writing and editing in the various venues of newspapers, books, magazines, special interest publications, as well as a diploma in gerontology-the study of aging-combine with several years as a classroom teacher to give her a unique perspective and wide ranging skills to help people communicate the important stories of life, like her current assignment of the wild horses of Sand Wash Basin. Check out her blog and website at:    



Graphic Artist & Cover Designer for Three Amigos of Sand Wash Basin David Gordon- Grapic Design  

Present The Story of Kissy and also Three Amigos of Sand Wash Basin Publication


David Gordon is a digital artist, writer and director in Santa Fe, NM. He has written about his experiences working with difficult horses in the novel Royal Blue.   In his time he has sailed the South Pacific, invented computer animation systems and researched alternative cancer cures. He blogs about current events on:  WWW.


If you wish to to obtain a copy of the book Three Amigos of Sand Wash Basin, than click on the link below. If you have an Apple formatted device than you can download a free e-book copy and the Digital PDF copies are just $4.99. The print copies are a bit pricy- but well worth- great looking books. Check the link out.  


 Amigo Book Cover


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