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We are sending this short program update, during the holiday season, about the transformational work of The Brotherhood/Sister Sol.  

Each day we work to help children to create a moral and ethical code by which to live, to define womanhood and manhood in an inclusive and expansive way - and to see their connection to all of humanity and the interconnected struggles for equality around the world.  It is the work we have done for over 20 years.  

The article and the 7-minute short film below tell the story of our work - they focus on our organizational themes of positivity, knowledge, community and future - and the powerful youth development model that is Bro/Sis.

Happy Holidays to all.

The Brotherhood/Sister Sol

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Members of Sister Sol

This article details our work with one group of young women, now 17, who have been "raised" by Bro/Sis, some since the age of 6. Our model supports and mentors girls, educates and exposes them to the world, and guides them as they hone their voices and become strong and empowered women.  

"I want to help more women come together.  I know how to be a woman, sister and leader.  I can encourage other women to find support from each other and build sisterhood bonds." - Bro/Sis member

"Bro/Sis challenged my definition of manhood and my way of thinking about women.  You don't realize how offensive you can be - and the impact of  being offensive - until you really reflect." - Bro/Sis alumni member

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"We are Together"
The Peace Poets

Watch the newest video, "We are Together," directed by Bro/Sis alumni and award-winning filmmaker Frank Lopez and produced by Bro/Sis.  It tells the story of The Peace Poets, all alumni of our organization, young men who have used their artistry, their poetry and performance, as a tool to engage in healing and peace work around the world. 

They have committed their lives to working to counter violence - whether that means teaching youth conflict resolution skills and to redefine masculinity or speaking out and protesting the state committed violence of prisons and the police.  "We are Together" details how these young men have become leading voices in the police reform movement, writing the song - "I Can't Breathe" - that has become the anthem of the movement, and have taken this work to counter state violence from the Bronx to Cambodia, from Columbia to Afghanistan, and all around the world.  

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