A New Film by The Brotherhood/Sister Sol:
One City - Fair Policing

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This short documentary was created by Jemaray Pyatt who is an alumnus of The Brotherhood/Sister Sol.  Jemaray is an accomplished director and videographer, and a graduate of Southwest Minnesota University.  

Jemaray's latest film, produced by Bro/Sis, tackles the subject of "Broken Windows Policing"; the low level ticketed offenses that are enforced in a racially disparate manner and only in some communities.  Such as:
  • Riding one's bike on the sidewalk
  • Being in the park after dark
  • Moving in between the trains, eating and drinking on the trains, taking up two seats
  • Spitting
  • Open containers
  • Jay walking
The Tides Foundation and Open Society Foundation fund our work and activism to ensure fair policing that adheres to the United States Constitution and respects the rights of all citizens of New York City. You can learn more about our work on this issue and see other short films that we have created here - http://brotherhood-sistersol.org/blog/organizing
Learn more about Jemaray, who has worked to document this issue all across the country - http://www.jemaray.com/


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