Cidra Sebastien's New Op Ed On Immigration

Truth-Out published a thought-provoking Op Ed by Cidra Sebastien, Bro/Sis' Associate Executive Director.  The Op Ed details the journey of two of our members who were undocumented and the importance that DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) has on young immigrants who are looking forward to fulfilling their dreams. 


"Every cruel joke about immigrants "going back to where they came from" deflates the dreams of young people like Zoe.  She is like so many others, living in the United States for most of their lives - only to find out they do not have legal documentation."



ISP Returns From Brazil
This month, members in our International Study Program (ISP) returned home from their 30-day cultural learning and exchange experience in Brazil.   Excited to be home after being away for so long, they are glowing from this remarkable adventure and beaming with new knowledge. Currently, they are spending the time working on several projects which includes an essay, power point presentation, photo exhibit and video presentation about Brazil.  While away, they kept a journal of their experience.  Here are some of their entries.

We always have a good time when we visit other youth organizations. We had a very interesting discussion about life in Brazil and the USA. Although we live in different countries, we have a lot of similarities. - Cheyenne Samuel 
The amount of similarities between U.S history and Brazilian history is incredible - [Cais do Velongo] was a loading dock where enslaved peoples were brought to Brazil. Developers wanted to build over it but the Afro-Brazilian community protested. It reminded me of the African burial ground on Wall Street in NYC.  - Rosaura Romero
My favorite moment was after a visit to lle Aye when a member, Celeste, stated she found her beauty here in Salvador...which embraces the beauty of black women from the richness of our dark skin, every kink, curl and coil of our natural hair, and the fullness of our curves.  What a moving and emotional moment to witness. - Silvia Canales, Co-Facilitator

I have been with Bro/Sis to The Dominican Republic, Haiti, Ghana, and Brazil - and each opened my eyes to something different each experience.  I hope there are others who are a part of our organization that pursue [this opportunity] to travel on all the trips they can - because one does not know the true meaning of humanity if one does not travel. 
- Celeste Bond

There is a special bond that occurs when people are able to cry with one another. 
- Yessivette Ducasse

Bro/Sis Youth-Run Farmers Market 

Don't forget to stop by our Hamilton Heights Youth Farmers Market on Wednesdays from 10am to 5pm.  Located at 143rd Street and Amsterdam Avenue, our market provides fresh fruits and vegetables to the residents of Harlem through Green Market Co., which manages a coalition of regional farms.  This is a much needed resource in the community, as it is an area that is considered to be a food desert.

Leon Gladman (pictured left) has been a resident of West Harlem for 56 years. He has not had access to fresh fruits and vegetables in the community since the closing of the local fruit stand 15 years ago. Leon has bought fresh fruits and vegetables from the Hamilton Heights Youth Market every Wednesday since our grand opening in 2013.  He says that the Hamilton Heights Youth Market is "the best thing to happen to this community in years." He commends Bro/Sis for providing jobs for young people, which gives them a safe alternative from the streets. 

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