A New Film by The Brotherhood/Sister Sol:
My Liberation Is Your Liberation


We are proud to announce our newest short film, "My Liberation is Your Liberation." 


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This five minute documentary was created by Frank Lopez who is an alumnus of The Brotherhood/Sister Sol. Frank is an award-winning documentarian who graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and was a member of our Lyrical Circle Program and a founding member of The Peace Poets


The Tides Foundation and Open Society Foundation fund our work and activism to ensure fair policing that adheres to the United States Constitution and respects the rights of all citizens of New York City. You can learn more about our work on this issue and see other short films that we have created here - http://brotherhood-sistersol.org/blog/organizing


Frank's latest film, produced by Bro/Sis, tells the story of our community organizing program - The Liberation Program (LP). It details our efforts to politicize young people and to help guide and hone their social justice voices. This film focuses on our work to ensure a more fair and just society and connects to the roles of young people in so many historic movements for social change - from the Civil Rights Movement to the Women's Movement, from the efforts to ensure equality for the LGTBQ community and farm workers, to the long and unfulfilled struggle for racial and economic justice. 


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