The Brotherhood/Sister Sol Summer Update
July 28, 2014
Summer Day Camp Members at MOMA
International Study Program Members in Ghana

Being Active at Bro/Sis

We are in full swing at The Brotherhood/Sister Sol (Bro/Sis) as our members continue to "Be Active" this summer. We have ten different summer offerings for our members.  Here we highlight two; members in our International Study Program (ISP) are actively expanding their cultural awareness and building international connections, while young people in our Summer Day Camp are using the city as their playground to remain physically and mentally engaged.


International Study Program (ISP)
ISP Members dancing with Ghanaians

Members in ISP are experiencing a three-week trip to Ghana. In preparation for their time in Ghana, program participants spent six months participating in bi-weekly workshops, conducting research, meeting with guest experts, going on cultural outings and taking foreign language classes.   Their hard work and commitment awarded them the opportunity to participate in this intensive, hands-on, international cultural learning and exchange program. Only a month ago, the group was filled with nervous excitement as they anticipated their departure. For certain, they were not unaware of the significance of the experience they were about to have and what they hope to gain from it.


"On television, I see people of different cultures living in distant countries.  Now I get to visit a distant country, live amongst the locals and learn about their daily struggles and triumphs." 

- Melvin Lopez


Indeed they got the opportunity to do just that. While in Ghana, sixteen young people divided their time between urban areas and extended stays in small towns and villages. They met with youth from non-governmental organizations, worked on community projects and met with U.S. governmental officials. In the past, ISP members have met with foreign luminaries such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Belgicia Adelaa Mirabel Reyes. Participants have found the intensive schedule in Ghana extremely rewarding.


"Today we had a dance class instructed by the Ghana Dance Ensemble. We learned new rhythms and ways to dance like Ghanaians. After that, we attended a lecture conducted by Dr. Wazi Apoh at the Department of Archaeology. Later on, we had dinner and watched a performance by GDE. The lead teacher, Ben Aybttei, invited us to dance on the stage with the Ensemble. It's difficult to explain but this experience has been breathtaking. Not many young people get to travel to Ghana or even outside of their home country. It makes me feel privileged to be here and motivates me to always strive for success." - Ronnie Green, ISP Participant


Participants keep a travel journal and share their knowledge and perspectives with their families, schools and communities through writing a blog and an installation of a photo exhibit of their visit. You can read their blog right now by Clicking Here. Members walk away from this life-changing experience with an expanded understanding and appreciation of humanity and a broader global awareness. 


Summer Day Camp Members at
Lake Welch

Summer Day Camp

With trips to Lake Welch, Luna Park, and museums such as the Guggenheim, MOMA, and the African Burial Ground, every day is an adventure for the youth at Bro/Sis. For 30 young people who participate in our Summer Day Camp, New York City becomes their playground with constant opportunities for learning, discovery and exploration, which help to keep their bodies, minds and creativity active.  Our camp is organized around the themes of arts & culture, sports, environment & science, and innovation & technology.  Here are a few things our young people are saying about Summer Day Camp.


"Summer Day Camp is fun so far and I learned so much like how to swim." - Justine Richard


"My year at Summer Day Camp is the best summer I ever had. My afterschool friends and I went to Coney Island and Lake Welch." - Armani Hidals


"Summer Day Camp is fun. I went to new places and tried new things and plus I 

connected with different people." - Shemeara Browno


To culminate the end of a great summer, our members will spend one-week at a sleep away camp in Pennsylvania.  Summer Day Camp gives parents peace of mind knowing their children are safe and supervised in an educationally rich and caring environment. 


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