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February 2016

We've definitely started 2016 in the proverbial fast lane here at Star Freight, and that's after speeding to a successful close of 2015. And it all leads to good things for our drivers!

Here's why. Last year, Star Freight experienced the highest rate of growth ever for a single 12-month period. Overall revenue, truck volume and brokers' revenue all saw a 38 percent year-over-year growth.

That's great news, of course, but it's even better because of how it positions us for 2016. During the fourth quarter, we will invest in growing our sales force. This will translate to better revenue for our owner-operators because we will be concentrating on increasing miles per day per tractor. What's more, we're looking for better paying freight and better lanes to up the revenue for our owner-operators.

I say it every time, and I mean it every time: We are the high-quality company we are because of you. Thank you again for your professionalism!

Charlie Johnson

Drivers Matter
Eddie Wimes makes a difference
The thing Eddie Wimes enjoys most about his job in Star Freight's Container Division is the sense of accomplishment he feels. "When someone goes into a Walmart in Puerto Rico to get canola oil, it's nice to know I've had something to do with that," Eddie said.

Wimes, who is based in Jacksonville, Fla., has been with Star Freight since 2011, but he's been driving trucks since 2002. Before that, he drove a city bus.

"I didn't like that very much," he says with a laugh. "I wanted some cargo that didn't talk back!"

He moved directly from driving buses to driving doubles -- pulling two trailers and a dolly -- for Coca-Cola. The gig allowed him to see the country. "It was exciting," he says. "I felt like I was a paid tourist."

Now he covers fewer miles, but that's just fine, he says. "When I'm not driving," he adds, "I'm usually resting."

Eddie spends his weeks based in Jacksonville, but on the weekends he's home in Gainesville, where he checks on his mother and catches up with his three daughters.
Safety Matters
Stre-e-e-e-etch for your safety 
When you're driving, one of the most distracting things can be your own body. Tight neck and shoulder muscles. Leg cramps. Even stiff fingers.

Stretching is one of the best ways to combat these annoying pains. Try some of these stretches, selected especially for truck drivers. Stretch, and stay safe! 

Don't let winter-driving challenges get in your way
Snow, ice and even fog can dampen your driving experiences during the winter months, but taking basic precautions can minimize any chance for danger.

In addition to controlling your speed and following at safe distances, this handy sheet offers a number of great tips to keep your hours on the road safe.
Safe Driver of the Quarter
Manny Mendiaz relies on his judgment
The key to his safe driving, Manny Mendiaz says, is that he always drives like it's his first day in a truck. And that works especially well for him, considering his first day proved tricky because of his load.

"I started in the worst position, because it was almost like hauling cattle," he remembers.

Actually, he was hauling cattle. Manny drove a refrigerated truck with quartered cows hanging from hooks. "Meat can start swinging pretty good when it's hanging from the top of the trailer," he says, so careful driving was a must.

That's not the only period of his driving history that proved instructive. Another job had him driving an open carrier with cars out of Billings, MT. That's when he learned to negotiate ice and snow.

Manny has been driving trucks for 25 years, and he's
Manny Mendiaz with his wife, Magda De La O.
now in his sixth year with Star Freight.

"I love my job and love what I do, but I still try to think of every single day like it's my first day of driving. It helps me to stay out of trouble and accidents," he says.

Manny says he's learned to rely on his judgment in every dangerous situation. For instance, in bad winter weather, "I always pull over and park and just call the dispatcher and tell them the situation. You've got to do what you think is safe ... Once you get into trouble, you've lost"

One time, he was stalled in a snow storm -- with the rest of traffic -- for two days. It turned into a profitable venture for him. "People were paying me to put snow chains on their tires because they didn't know how to do it!" he says.

Manny, who lives with his wife in Oklahoma City, also places a lot of importance on keeping his truck in tip-top shape. In fact, he bought his truck new in 2001. Fifteen years and 2 million miles later, it's still like new, he says.

One piece of advice he always remembers: "My uncle told me, the steering wheel is like your wife. You have to be really faithful to the steering wheel."  That, Manny is.
Business Matters by Dan Sindelar, Vice President
Star Freight is working very hard to grow our customer base so that we have the best opportunity to make our drivers and contractors successful.

In order for Star Freight to accomplish this, we must continue to grow our fleet so that we are able to provide the capacity that shippers require on a daily basis. We're being creative in how we do this.

For instance, this past year we implemented a program designed to help drivers who want to become independent contractors. We offered them an opportunity to get a tractor without having to meet traditional methods of purchasing one.
We negotiated a deal with Quality Equipment, which is owned by Celadon Transportation, and through this program, we have been able to add more independent contractors. This has allowed Star Freight to become more valuable to our customers by providing them with more capacity.
In 2016 we will continue to take initiatives that we believe will be beneficial to our most important asset, our drivers. As we Implement these programs we will keep you informed so you can take advantage of them.
In today's trucking environment it is very important that we are able to be a "One-Stop Shop" for all of our customers. If you have customer leads you would like us to pursue, please contact me at 219-510-5654.
Be A Star!
Join the Star Freight team
We're always looking for good drivers who want to be part of a great company.

Star Freight, LLC, delivers professional service but our employees enjoy a family-style work environment.

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Star Freight
Super Stars
Loyalty Counts!
We want to thank all of our drivers for their commitment to our customers, to our company and to being safe on the road.

And we congratulate our "superstars" -- all those who have service anniversaries this quarter. We appreciate all of you!

7 Years
Jose Rendon

6 Years
Daniel Wilson

4 Years
Robert Hielckert
Mark Hoffman
Charles Pulliam

2 Years
Mark Hoffman
Paul Koebke
Lorenzo Perkins

1 Year
Brian Dority
John Freeman
Rondy Grimes
Alan Hageman
Gerald Hall
Stuart Knox
AB Long
Jimmy Roach
Walter Spack
David St. Peter
Jason Stimpson
Dion Trimble
Maurice Wiley
Dashawn Williams
Ian Williams

Referrals Shine!
How do we find our best new drivers?

More often than not, by referrals from our current drivers.

If you find us a new driver, we will thank you with our referral program -- and $1,000!

Want to know more? Just contact Sherrie at for more information.

Thanks to these drivers, who made referrals for us recently!
Renato Andrade
Lacanta Duhart
Robert Ireland
Grady Price

And welcome aboard to these new drivers on the Star Freight team!
Johnny Ainsworth
Joseph Blake
Jorge Bonilla
Lacarvien Brown
Robert Camp
James Cherry
Rachell Evans
Ulyssis Evans, Jr.
Rene Garcia
Gregory Grace
Joe Hill
Jeremy Jamison
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Christopher Turner
Jeffery Spencer
Randy Watkins
Reginald Woods
Anthony Wooten  







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