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August 2015


At Star Freight, we're always looking for ways we can all work smarter.

That's why we are excited to implement a new software system called McLeod Load Master Enterprise (LME). We consider it the premier trucking software available.
I think you'll notice both better loads for you and better communication with you once we go online with LME.

Some new features coming soon for drivers are a mobile app that will allow you to quickly and easily see your current load information as well as your current settlement statements.

We will put the system in place Aug. 31, and I believe you will find it fairly intuitive to use. As always, though, don't hesitate to contact your dispatcher with any questions.
And thanks for all you do to keep Star Freight strong and successful!


Charlie Johnson

Drivers Matter
Barrian Moorer plans to keep on driving
As an owner-operator with a dedicated route, Star Freight driver Barrian Moorer makes it home every Friday to spend the weekend with his family. That's
Barrian Moorer with his family.
one of the reasons Barrian plans on driving "the rest of my life -- as long as I'm able to drive."
Barrian started as a welder, but after nine years his eyes bothered him. He had always wanted to drive trucks, so making a career change in 2006 was an easy choice. "I figured if I couldn't weld, I was going to do something I really wanted to do," he says.

It's been a great choice, he explains, saying, "I really like driving itself. Freedom is part of it. Also the income."

Barrian, who's approaching his fifth anniversary with Star Freight, credits his career with taking him places he might not have ever seen. Mount Rushmore comes to mind, which he saw while he was still in driver training.

Now, on his twice-weekly trips between Atlanta and Indiana, the views are more familiar, he says. Perhaps the best view, however, comes at the end of each week when he is sees his family at home in Selma.

Safety Matters
Cargo Theft Threat Rising
Cargo theft is on the rise --  up 11 percent in March through May from the same period in 2014, according to CargoNet.

Be especially careful in Texas.  
Texas is always in the top three states for cargo theft in the United States, but it has experienced an increase in theft volume in the past few months. A vast majority of thefts in the state come from just three counties: Dallas, Harris and Tarrant, the latter two covering the Fort Worth area.
Overall, thefts from truck stops went from being the lowest category in 2014 to the category with the most thefts. Similarly, roadside thefts were low in 2014 but the second-highest category in 2015.

We want to alert Star Freight drivers to the trend so you can avoid situations that might make your cargo an easy target. 
Safe Driver of the Quarter
Peggy Dube enjoys life on the road
Common sense and a good temperament. If a driver possesses those two things, safety on the road is pretty much assured, Peggy Dube says. Peggy is Star Freight's Safe Driver of the Quarter.

"You have to remember what you're driving," Peggy says, "You're not in a car -- it's two different worlds, two different ways of looking at things. You can act out in your car, but you have to keep your temper in your truck when other drivers do things to you like cutting you off."

Peggy Dube says safety is a matter of common sense.
After 40-plus years in the cab of an 18-wheeler, Peggy no doubt has both good sense and temperament. But what stands out about her when she talks about her career - most of it in an owner-operator team with her husband - is her desire for fun, adventure and movement.
Peggy, who joined Star Freight in 2009 because the people there were "like family," frequently laughs when she talks about her life on the road.

There was that time when her cat ran away while she was stopped on the Pennsylvania Turnpike -- and she found it in the same area 16 days later.

She'll always remember 9/11, because she was at a theater on Broadway in Manhattan that sunny September morning in 2001, loading the Mexican Ballet. People were scurrying and frantically talking on cell phones. They finally saw what was happening on a television through a store window. "It was a very surreal day."

Now that her husband's retired, Peggy drives with a girlfriend and her friend's ferrets. She hasn't been in her South Carolina home in over a month.

"You do get exhausted," she said, "but I get cabin fever at home. I feel like I have to be doing something, going all the time."
Business Matters
by Dan Sindelar, Vice President
Star Freight, LLC, has had a great year of growth! We thank our drivers in each division for your continued support in making Star Freight a place we're all excited to be part of.
One of our recent business awards is the "Disney on Ice FROZEN" show. It is one of the premiere shows in America, and one that we will begin handling later this month.
We are also preparing for the dedicated mail business that we have been a part of with the Pat Salmon and Sons companies the past three years. These are only two of the numerous opportunities that we have been able to secure because of the great service you all provide.  
We have realized the need to add some staff to our divisions to help with the additional duties that go along with growing fleets. In our Valparaiso, Ind., dry/reefer office, Nicole Abbott has joined Brendan Smith and Jim Whitaker. And in our Jacksonville, Fla., office, Ray Smith joined us a couple of months ago to assist Tony Barrington.
Your feedback is always appreciated and, as I have shared before, please call me if you have any sales leads that you think might benefit Star Freight.
Last but definitely not least -- I continue to ask that in everything that you do, please do it SAFELY. There is nothing more important to Star Freight than the safety of our professional fleet of drivers and the motoring public.

Star Freight
Super Stars
Loyalty Counts!
We want to thank all of our drivers for their commitment to our customers, to our company and to being safe on the road.

And we congratulate our "superstars" -- all those who have service anniversaries this quarter. We appreciate all of you!
7 Years
Donald Burris

5 Years
Jay Murphy

4 Years
Bryan Chamberlain

2 Years
Anthony Davion
David Gayler
Teresa Morgan

1 Year
William Brown
Demetrious Clark
Fernando Colon
Clarence Hammond
Michelle Jenkins
Dwayne Oliphant
Rubin Pete
Frank Schwartz
Rex Shelburne
Octavius Steeley
Eddie Wimes

Be A Star!
Join the Star Freight team
We're always looking for good drivers who want to be part of a great company.

Star Freight, LLC, delivers professional service but our employees enjoy a family-style work environment.

Interested? Fill out our new driver application here.

Referrals Shine!
How do we find our best new drivers?

More often than not, from referrals by our current drivers.

If you find us a new driver, we will thank you with our referral program -- and $1,000!

Want to know more? Just contact Sherrie at for more information.

Thanks to these drivers who made referrals for us recently!
Walter Boyce
Prince Burton
Juan Everette
Jeff Gibson
Rodney Hicks
Deshondra Williams

And welcome aboard to these new drivers on the Star Freight team!
Christopher D. Akins
Laura Baker
Brian Berry
Alonzo Bickers
Patrick Carter
Ronald L. Church
Tran Conley
James Cooksie
William Robert Coon
Rodney Eugene Core
Gregory Daniels
Edgardo Dingding
Robert B. Dormagen
Juan Everette
James Fields
Joseph Grimes
Rodney Delmar Hicks
Harold Hilliard
Tracey Johnson
Carey Rick Karnes
Roy Lamb
Jeffery Livingston
Edward Mathis
Roy A. McCoy
Charlotte M. Mettlen
Ronnie L. Prator
Cornelius Reeves
Anthony Siler
Robert Silvestro
Jerry Smith
Timothy Tyrone Smith
Tony Brandon Smith
Thomas St. Clair
Michael Tharpe
Bobby Thomas
Carlton Thomas
Boyce Walter
Terence J. Williams
Miles Woodberry  







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