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February 2015

Hello! And welcome to the first edition of The Star, our new quarterly newsletter. We want this to be a tool to help us all stay in touch -- about important company matters, but also about each other.

Speaking of important matters, I want to thank you all for a fantastic 2014. Because of you, what started as a very challenging year (think, ice, snow, and more ice and snow) finished incredibly strong because you proved yourselves to be reliable in bad weather -- and used that time to strengthen relationships with your customers. 

The result? Double-digit growth for our company. It couldn't have happened without the efforts and dedication of all of you on our Star Freight team. I'd like to recognize a few individuals who consistently went above and beyond in their service to our customers -- drivers Steve Moldenhauer, Jay Murphy and Bill Martin and dispatcher Robert Hielckert. Thanks, guys, for the excellent effort!

No doubt, we ended 2014 on a strong note, so I want to challenge everyone to help us continue that success. As long as we keep building those relationships with our customers  and  finding ways to meet our customers' needs better than anyone else, we'll all make Star Freight even stronger in 2015.


Charlie Johnson

Drivers Matter
Jose "Lupe" Rendon is a happy man
It's hard not to smile while listening to Lupe Rendon talk about his job, his family and his life. His good mood just rubs off on you.

Lupe and Mariel Rendon
Lupe, who has been driving trucks for 15 years (the
last five-plus with Star Freight) first learned to drive 18-wheelers while working at his first job in a warehouse in Oklahoma City. In fact, the owner there encouraged  Lupe to learn all aspects of the business, from shipping to receiving.

"I knew everything in that warehouse," Lupe says, and that experience has paid off. He knows how to relate to the people he picks up from and delivers to, and that makes both ends of his Ponca City, Okla., to Dallas route a lot more pleasant.

Lupe, an owner-operator, has been driving that route with Star Freight for several years now. Not only does he like the people he deals with on a weekly basis, but he likes the fact that he knows when he'll be on the road -- and when he'll be home.

At home, his wife, Mariel, owns her own cleaning business for surgical suites. He also has two daughters, one who's heading to medical school and the other who will soon enter college.

"When I'm off work, I help my wife with her business," Lupe says. And when they're both away from work, they like to cook and relax together as a family, or go visit relatives in Dallas.

Lupe is grateful that his job allows him to spend time with his family -- particularly holidays. Star Freight's "flexible like that," he explains, adding, "I plan to stay with them as long as they'll keep me."

Safety Matters
Restart Rules changed through Sept. 30
Two troublesome provisions of the 34-hour restart rule were suspended in December when President Obama signed the FY 2015 Omnibus Appropriations bill.

Here's what the changes mean to you:

1. Drivers utilizing the 34-hour restart do NOT have to null include two consecutive periods off-duty between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m.  As long as you are off for 34 consecutive hours, regardless of the time of day, you can restart your weekly clock.

2. Drivers may take the 34-hour restart multiple times per week.  You are no longer restricted to taking the restart only once every 168 hours (or seven days).

The provisions remain suspended through Sept. 30 while the FMCSA conducts a formal study of the rule.
Safe Driver of the Quarter
Patrick Fleming advocates patience
After 10 years on the road, power-only driver Patrick Fleming knows that patience is the key to safe driving.

"Everybody else can be a zippity-zap," he says, "that includes other [truck] drivers, too. But being patient is being professional. That's what you get paid for."

Patrick has driven for Star Freight the last 4 1/2 years. He enjoys the self-management that the Power Only division demands as well as the isolated work environment.

While Patrick's decade on the road has become pretty much a blur to him, a few memories stand out, such as the woman walking down the center of a California highway sporting only her underwear.

While that kind of sight is rare, Patrick says he's seen far too many of the more gruesome ones in which a person is killed in crash.

That's why it comes down to "taking it easy," Patrick says. "Live another day."
Business Matters by Dan Sindelar, Vice President

I want to thank our fleet of drivers in each division for your outstanding effort in 2014. Star Freight, LLC, made significant strides in 2014 to position ourselves for an even stronger 2015. It would not have been possible without your continued efforts to drive safely and deliver on time.


I also want to share some key factors that could occur in 2015 that will make it a GREAT year for all of us. Rest assured that Star Freight is ready and positioned to capitalize on these opportunities.


According to Customs Report Today, these factors could influence our success in 2015:

  • The drop in fuel prices
  • A possible improvement in the shortage of truck drivers
  • A potential pick-up in customer spending
  • Increased activity in the U.S. economy despite a slow-down in the global economy
  • Service problems on rail lines

What's more, the U.S. Department of Transportation has reported five straight months of increasing freight carried by for-hire transportation, with trucking leading the increase in November.


All of these factors work together to make the trucking industry more attractive to our customers -- and to our potential customers. Because we at Star Freight already are known for our exemplary customer service, we know we will stand out among our competitors.


So here's to a healthy and profitable 2015!

Star Freight
Super Stars
Loyalty Counts!
We want to thank all of our drivers for their commitment to our customers, to our company and to being safe on the road.

And we congratulate our "superstars" -- all those who have service anniversaries this quarter. We appreciate all of you!
6 Years
Don Burris

5 Years
Jack Dube
Peggy Dube
Steve Merrill
Jay Murphy

Daniel Wilson

4 Years
Mickey Brown

Steve Moldenhauer
Barrian Moorer

3 Years
Michael Hill

Charles Pulliam

2 Years
Charles Armstrong

Luis Gonsalves
Connie Lampman
Jermey Lampman
Pentry McAfee
John Price
Brandon Whitner

1 Year
Greg Adams
Mark Hoffman
Lorenzo Perkins
Terry Reese
Deshondra Williams

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