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February 2013

Reaching the Beach is Easier

Thanks to Southwest Airlines' recent consolidation of flight schedules with AirTran Airways, reaching the beach - and dozens of other great destinations - just got easier. Customers can now purchase tickets on a growing number of routes between the Southwest and AirTran networks on a single itinerary. And soon, travelers will be able to book flights to any of the airlines' combined 97 U.S and international destinations in just one transaction.


Each month, Southwest Airlines and AirTran Airways are adding shared itineraries to a number of destinations and expect to connect fully to both networks in April - just in time for Spring Break and summer travel.


Through Southwest, local travelers will be able to connect from Louisville through Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Jacksonville and West Palm Beach. In addition, Southwest currently offers convenient, nonstop flights to Orlando and Tampa.


To find more low fares and flight schedules on Southwest Airlines go to And remember Southwest only sells tickets on its website. Also consider signing up for Click and Save so you know when special fares go on sale. Prefer to go mobile? Simply download DING, choose SDF as your airport and get the latest deals whenever you want on your mobile phone.



Louisville International Lowers Airline Fees


The Louisville Regional Airport Authority Board recently lowered various fees for signatory airlines at Louisville International Airport.


Included in the reductions is a 4.9% decrease (from $1.422 to $1.352 per 1,000 lbs. of maximum gross landed weight) in landing fees with the savings passed directly to the airport's airline partners.


Skip Miller, Executive Director of the Authority, noted, "The airline industry continues to make adjustments in an era of unpredictable fuel prices and fluctuating demand for passenger and cargo services. This reduction in landing fees and other rental charges at Louisville International helps reduce the airlines' operating costs and demonstrates our continuing commitment to retain and enhance passenger and cargo air services to our community."







Our Commitment to Customer Service 


A top priority at the Louisville International Airport is our on-going commitment to provide excellent customer service. To ensure our customers' needs are met effectively, we regularly survey airport guests who use airport services. The results determine our annual Choice Awards for our business partners.


Congratulations to the following Louisville International Airport businesses that earned 2012 Choice Awards:

  • Southwest Airlines earned the Travelers' Choice Award for the highest overall customer satisfaction ration among our airline partners.
  • American Airlines earned the Travelers' Progress Award for the most significant progress in customer satisfaction among our airline partners.
  • Air Valet earned the Customers' Choice Award for the highest overall customer satisfaction among our non-airline partners.
  • HMSHost's Stars of Louisville earned the Customers' Progress Award for the most significant progress in customer satisfaction among our non-airline partners.


Nonstop Savings



Enjoy monthly savings offered by the food-and-beverage outlets in our terminal through the Nonstop Savings program available on our mobile website. Here are a few of the savings valid March 5-31 from HMS Host.  


For additional savings, visit

Woodford Reserve    Henry Bain Bourbon Rib eye - $19.99                             


Burger King                 Big fish sandwich combo - $6.59                                  


KFC                                Chicken Little combo with 2 sides - $6.09


Starbucks                    Hazelnut Macchiato Tall - $4.60


Chili's Too                     Big Mouth Bites - $9.89


Quiznos                         Honey Bourbon Chicken Sandwich - $7.09


Stars of Louisville       Wing Street Sampler  - $10.99


The Altitude Club         Free snacks with day pass admission


La Tapenade                 Garlic Hummus with pretzel chips - $2.99