Mike Fischer, MD, MS, NaRCAD Director
Summer is in full swing, but we're already looking ahead to #NaRCAD2016, our 4th International Conference on Academic Detailing, which we'll host this fall on November 14th & 15th in Boston. We received a wonderful response to our first-ever call for proposals, with submissions from across the country and around the world, making the 2016 conference our most exciting and community-informed meeting yet! Read more.
The exponential increase in computing power and data storage capacity, coupled with the sharp decrease in data processing costs, have made possible an era of 'big data' that is transforming many aspects of life and commerce.  In health care, this evolution is enabling access to information that was impossible to imagine in the era when I first began this work when most prescriptions and test orders were still written on little scraps of paper...Read more.

Amanda Kennedy, PharmD, BCPS, Director of the Vermont Academic Detailing Program, NaRCAD Training Facilitator
"Realizing that other people are struggling with the same issues, and trying to address these issues with academic detailing, is so powerful." 



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