NaRCAD is thriving, thanks to the engagement and enthusiasm of our network of healthcare professionals working to improve patient outcomes. The best way to become more involved in that network is to join us for our 3rd International Conference on Academic Detailing this November.
Why One-on-One Interactivity Matters
Jerry Avorn, MD, Co-Director, NaRCAD
Often, in discussing academic detailing programs with current or potential sponsors, the question comes up: "Wouldn't it be cheaper just to deliver the message to a whole group of clinicians at once, instead of the much more cumbersome process of talking to prescribers one at a time?"  Sure, it would be cheaper... Read more.
Dr. Doyle-Tadduni focuses on her insights and tips to success in providing excellent clinical education by building strong detailer-to-clinician relationships based on evidence, clarity, and "intrinsic trust." Read more.

NaRCAD & Dr. Frank Leone
"If I could figure out how to capture this, my favorite measure would measure the "A-ha!" moments that happen so often within the audience.  I love the look of epiphany in the clinician's eye when a detailer has found a way to make the information relevant and transformative. That's when I know we're really making change for the long run." Read more.
Announcing our 3rd Annual Conference on AD
There's only 2 weeks left to register for our 3rd International Conference on Academic Detailing, with an exciting agenda, special guest speakers, case studies, expert panels, networking opportunities, interactive learning formats, and more! We hope you'll join us here in Boston in November. Learn more about our series and register today. 
Bevin K. Shagoury, Communications & Education Director
Our Boston-based training this September was a success, offering us the chance to learn from a dynamic and talented group of trainees. Learn more about new features to our innovative program, meet our latest group of clinical educators, and join us for our next training.
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At NaRCAD, we provide training and support, connect educators through our focus areas. We work to assess your organization's needs, build long-term relationships, develop materials, evaluate impact, and more. Learn more about who we are and what we do.
Sharing Successes
Want to share your work in educational outreach with us? Follow-up on a piece you've read? Join us at our Academic Detailing trainings or conferences? Contact us, and visit our archives for past highlights.
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